06 August 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick.

Long ago, when folks had no imagination, they'd make prank calls asking for Michael Hunt or Ima Pigg. In really old-fashioned parlance, such as I used when *I* was a girl in Colonial days, we'd say that it was so funny we forgot to laugh! But in today's time, there just isn't enough shock value associated with these antics. Now, it's time to look at "Missing Dog" posters and call the owners. Then the caller describes how he tortured the poor animal ... can you imagine him cackle with glee? Apparently, that's lots of fun!

"Isabelle Bordage is still horrified after someone called her about her then-lost dog, Foxie, and told her he had left it dead in a parking lot and its legs were cut off."

Next up, everybody can call parents of missing children and do the same thing! I guess I'm just too sheltered or too sensitive when I read stories like this. I just can't imagine "what he was thinking" when the caller(s?) phoned the dog's owner. Thankfully this story does have a happy ending, but throughout I just kept thinking of missing children. Maybe I should feel sorry for the caller. He probably has some real problems. I guess it's better than REALLY chopping off the dog's legs.

I do know of one situation where a kitten was actually roasted alive in an open barbecue grill. A lady saw it and phoned police. There were charges, but the woman lived in public housing (that's where this happened) and she was so threatened and intimidated that she somehow "forgot" or must have mis-spoken by the time the charge went to trial against the thugs who very nearly killed the cat. (Had to be put to sleep later, poor thing.)


  1. That is pretty awful. How sad for that owner.

    Just goes to show you where are coutry is headed.

  2. Sick sick sick.
    There was a young adult who killed a cat in the same manner a few years ago here. He was let go and lightly punished. Last week he stabbed his neighbor, a 20 year old single Mom, to death. He had no reason what so ever for the attack either.
    That behavior leads to other twisted behavior. Too bad the justice system doesn't realize that.
    God Bless,

  3. sounds like sommething my brother would entertain doing...sick!

  4. I remember watching a tv show about a family whose little girl was kidnapped from their tent while they were camping. The killer called the mother a number of times, and one time described what he had done with her. The mother actually forgave the man, though the father committed suicide out of grief after several years.

    I can't fathom people who are this sick. Jesus, come quickly...

  5. Oh, Claire, and I was ruefully kidding about calling the parents, too. I don't know whether to say I'm sorry or just shake my head that sometimes people are even sicker than I thought.


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