17 August 2008

Exploit the Earth or Die.

I was browsing on another blog and came across this handy button and this handy website. I'm not sure what to think. I don't belong with the hippie group that places more value on the life of a squirrel than people, but then again, I can't imagine some really rich dude from China or Saudi Arabia buying up a bunch of our national parks and filling them with toxic waste for profit being OK either. Maybe I am a wishy-washy environmentalist because I believe God's going to start over with a new heavens and earth later, but meanwhile we have dominion over the earth. We should be responsible to God with what choices we make in ALL areas of our lives. I'm just not ready to do the cloth diaper thing, though. We tried that with Patrick and bought diapers and pins and they'd always leak! Then you'd have to rinse doo-doos in the toilet! IwwwwWWWW. Never again. And if you go places and the kiddo poops, you have to carry the poop around with you for hours and smell bad. All-righty. Go ahead and gimme a comment and tell me what you think. I'm curious.


  1. I almost shot milk out of my nose reading the part about a squirrel being more important than a person. That attitude is especially true living in Portland where a patch of moss can have more rights than a person.

    I'm all for balance, you know? I think it's perfectly fine and great to be good stewards of the natural resources God has given us. That said, there is a definite push towards imbalance and I think we all know which side is doing the pushing. When there is no biblical perspective allowing people to realize that human beings truly are more important than squirrels, you get people like Al Gore mesmerizing a whole generation of people. Then you have environmental action groups who's goal is to cleanse the Earth of human beings since we are the problem.

    Terry brought up a great point once about how the average Christian homeschooling mom has a environmentally friendly lifestyle by default a lot of the time, without being obsessed. Yet they get no credit since they keep having those Earth killing human babies.

    Also, it is something to think about when many democrats are outspokenly glad gas prices are high because they say it makes people drive those evil cars of theirs less. This is very dumb IMO.

    By the way, I am not planning to cloth diaper either, so that makes me somewhat of an outcast in my demographic. Scraping doo doo into the toilet and having the water splash back into my face several times a day sounds like a gas but I'll stick with evil disposables for now.

  2. I'm so glad to see something like this (EED). I see the "green" movement as anti-human and as big a totalitarian threat to the world as Nazi-ism and Socialism were and are. I get tired of people who fall for the idiotic things that people like Al Gore say. They end up giving up this and sacrificing that when Al Gore lives in a huge house and flies around in jets to go to speaking engagements to talk about how the rest of us need to sacrifice. Oh wait, he's excused because of carbon credits.. what a bunch of hogwash! And people believe this stuff! I would gladly wear an EED t-shirt and drink out of an EED mug. I like the blog this came from, thanks for sharing!

    By the way, if we Christians are true believers and are acting according to our faith, then we are already "exploiting" our earth in the right way. Check out this trailer to a series done by The Acton Institute. http://www.acton.org/media/effective-stewardship-curriculum-trailer.php

    This series, "Effective Stewardship," is kind of a reply to all the global warming hysteria that's out there, and all the talk about how we need to have what amounts to a "hands off" policy with our planet. I like Fr. Scirico's comment, "..if each human being is a potential creator of wealth and resources , it changes the whole terms of the debate." How much more beautiful it is to think of the potential in each human life, rather than to see each human merely as a consumer and destroyer of the planet.

  3. Ok, this idea that stewardship should be exercised in ALL areas of our lives as the trailer discusses would be very relevant to the debate on being "green."

    I think also... making a big mess somewhere on our planet so you can profit and live somewhere else would violate Christian principles. So you're right; it all only makes sense together.

    I wonder about people like Al Gore. He's probably laughing all the way to the bank. :]


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