17 August 2008

PE Uniforms

My older boys attend public school and are to wear a PE uniform during gym class. I don't have a problem with this as we don't want kids with chains dangling from their pockets ruining the equipment, or having zippers catch onto things they shouldn't, or *whatever.* I bought Patrick and G each two uniforms three years ago, and now it's time to buy new again. But I don't want to go to the special "sports" store where the stuff is sold during the week with the babies and middle children... you know, with EVERYONE tagging along. And yesterday I spent on weeding and D mowed the lawn.

So, today I called the sports store to see if it were open and got an answering machine. I hung up, figuring it isn't open on Sundays.

Off I went to organize some homeschooling items when the phone rang. D answered and called from across the room, "It's the sports store. They hit the re-call button and want to know what you want."

"Oh, well, I was calling to see if they were open Sundays.. " Curious that I hit *67 but they were still able to track my number, though...

"You open Sundays? (pause)"

"Ask them if they have PE uniforms!"

"Do you have P uniforms?"

"P-E- Uniforms! PE!"

"Yes, that's right. PEEE. As in URINE. Yooooo- rinnn..."

"D (full name!) I can't believe you! You stop that!!"

(Cackling and howling)

Turns out that he surreptitiously called our number on his cell phone and made up the whole conversation. Dork.


  1. I LOVE your hubby's sense of humour.... sounds like something my son's Steve and Mike would do to me. Well done D, laughter is the light of life.

  2. Hi MrsC! Look like you and I have other halves with the same sense of humor. oh boy. I'm so glad to have "met" you too!

  3. What a hoot. I would have died if my husband would have done that. How funny!

  4. Funny Story!

    Okay, so I came back to answer the chicken question.

    When a hen lays an egg it cannot be fertilized unless a rooster sits on it and releases "chemicals" into it. So if you have no rooster, you will never have baby chicks. The rooster only has to do that one time. Then hen then has to sit on it for it to form into a baby chick. Some hens will and some won't. I've never seen my hen sit on her eggs. I make sure to take them every morning. I have a rooster because I hope to one day have baby chicks. :) For now I'm eating some good eggs for breakfast.

  5. Yup without humour, how would we ever survive.


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