27 August 2008

Just Because I Feel Like Posting It.

Does the state have the right to make medical decisions? Interesting question, regardless of your opinion on childhood vaccines, their efficacy and their safety:

"Mandates have a profound effect on medical practice. Once a vaccine is mandated for children, the manufacturer and the physician administering the vaccine are substantially relieved of liability for adverse effects.(3) The relationship of patient and physician is shattered: in administering the vaccine, the physician is serving as the agent of the state. To the extent that the physician simply complies, without making an independent evaluation of the appropriateness of the vaccine for each patient, he is abdicating his responsibility under the Oath of Hippocrates to "prescribe regimen for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone." Instead, he is applying the new population-based ethic in which the interests of the individual patient may be sacrificed to the "needs of society."

If a physician advises against a mandated vaccine, he faces increased legal liability if the patient is infected with the disease. In addition, he may risk his very livelihood if he is dependent upon income from "health plans" that use vaccine compliance as a measure of "quality.""

The above is just a short excerpt from a lengthy article, and the website has several interesting little nooks. Enjoy!


  1. Yeah, but it is too bad it makes no difference when the tables are turned. A few months after David got his toddler MMR, my fully-vaccinated-because-he's-in-the-Navy husband came down with the measles. Our state's health department could not track down how he got it because there were no known cases in Louisiana. Could it be my son shed the virus and gave it to my husband? Fortunately, the only side effect has been very mild light sensitivity.

  2. I, too, had a documented case of the measles despite being fully vaccinated. Maybe all these cases of measles we see in "unvaccinated populations" are also in the vaccinated populations, but the physicians are NOT looking for measles in someone already vaccinated? Just a thought.

  3. ugh. add me to that list: vaccinated, but still got the measles.

  4. Hey, this getting the measles even though you're vaccinated thing is SUPPOSED to be EXTREMELY rare!

    Bet someone somewhere is not reporting things properly, because here are three people in my small circle of acquaintance (including myself) who have had this happen.


    How much do they make on that vaccine again? LOL


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