10 August 2008


Come on, now, when he says that, he's asking you for a kiss!! Yes, I took his picture and went ahead and got a chocolate-y smooch. Do you see that we don't bother with bibs when we know we're going to get very messy? Even the middle-sized boys will take off their shirts when we eat with mustard and the like. The older two insist upon remaining fully clothed at the table. Please note that the booster seat is strapped to a chair D got out of someone else's trash. Yes, and we repaired it with duct tape in the back, can you tell?


  1. I just a kiss from a face like that not an hour ago. Makes the world go around, doesn't it? :)
    God Bless,

  2. The kiss that you miss is the kiss that you never catch up on...

  3. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. we have a chair held together with duct tape too... Griffin broke it by rocking on it... he has KILLED 3 chairs completely so far!


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