03 August 2008

The Word is Getting Out

Restraint and seclusion in Missouri schools should only be used as a last resort. "Safe rooms" are not safe. I would honour the original blogger who pointed this webpage on her blog but I think she wants to be anonymous in her efforts to put this practice to rest. I will honour her anonymously anyway.

I have had but a small part to play in this, as I have made a formal complaint about my autistic Elf's treatment in so-called "Safe rooms" at the local elementary school. I hope that this practice is STOPPED in all schools. I can think of very, very few times where such restraint is warranted. And surely, our "overcrowded" schools could use the closet space for something else.

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  1. Am glad to hear the word is getting it, but like you hope the practice is stopped.
    We dont as far as i know over here have them, so was shocked when i first read about them on a blog.


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