28 October 2008

It's a Major Award!

From Maddy! Thanks, Maddy! I want to pass this one on to my buddies: First, to Julie. I've learned so much from her blogging about her struggles in adopting two cuties from Haiti and parenting a special-needs child more than qualifies. Next, Terry. She's my special iron-sharpens-iron "chatting about things" friend who encourages me to think things through. Then, I've got to tell you about Mrs. Darling. She keeps me accountable on the weight loss boards even when I don't wanna be. I'm going to be posting a loss this week, ya know, in part because of her candor and inspiration. It's always good to blog with someone who is going through similar struggles. Now I know some of you ladies DON'T do memes. It's kewl with me if you don't pass these on. In fact, sometimes it's nice just to get something without any obligation to do anything with it. Just a little "thinking of you" to perk up your day.


  1. Your blog is truly inspirational, Mrs. C, and you deserve this award completely and utterly. (Can you tell I love ya?)

  2. This didn't come across on Bloglines and yesterday my Google generated incoming links were all screwy... indicating "links" for every post on any blog who has me listed in their sidebar or in a possibly related post. So, I missed it. Technology is great when it is working.

    Thank you for calling attention to my blog. Since the kids have gotten home, I sometimes feel like my blog is all fluff. But, that is what I have time for.

  3. Hey, I LIKE your fluff, Julie!! And the pics of the children. And your honesty. Hugs!


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