21 October 2008

Patrick Playing in the Orchestra.

A short video snippet of Patrick playing in the orchestra last night. You can see him next to "Sarah Palin" on the cello.


  1. That was really neat! Well done to the who orchestra, it sounded very very good!

  2. I can't get it to play. I will come again later and try. It says the video is unavailable.

    The story of the orchestra looks like a neat book.

  3. They sound great!

    I played the violin until I was a junior in high school. I was only allowed to take one elective so I dropped Orchestra to take a language. My counselor said I needed a foriegn language to make my transcript competitive...

    Marissa's vocal coach teaches stringed instruments. If I ever had extra money in our budget, I would take lessons.

  4. How cool !!!!

    You must be one proud Momma !!!

  5. Was he wearing a costume too? I can't tell.

  6. He's wearing the proper Orchestra attire... a white shirt, black pants and shoes and the blue bow tie and cumberbund. We don't celebrate Halloween and Patrick didn't dress up. Last year, the kids teased him that he was going as an orchestra player.

  7. The orchestra did a very nice job--they must have an awesome conductor.

    I admire Patrick for sticking with his beliefs and putting up with the chiding.


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