01 October 2008


************ ************ ************ After the game, it was time to watch a praying mantis that climbed onto our entryway brickwork.


  1. That's cool. I don't know if we have praying mantis around here, but would kids would get the net out and try to capture it. They are evil.

  2. We have had a few praying mantis lately, the cats love to watch them from the window. One sat on the screen and tried to stare Siren down!

    I love how content and curious the boys look.

  3. I'm bacccck ;)

    I have a little gift for you at my blog in today's post.

  4. Mrs. C, sorry to comment under this post on a totally different topic. Thank you so much for your support, and for wanting to email me. I would love to have your emails, but I am having problems with mine at the moment. I can recieve, but not send. Grrr. My dear hubby has been meaning to get around to calling our provider and figuring out the problem, but he never uses the email anyway so it just keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

    If we can figure out a way for me to get my email address to you without having it made public I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, until mine is fixed, we can just keep communicating through the comment section of my blog.

    Thank you so much! I can practically feel your hugs through cyber space.

  5. What a cute pic! If they could only stay that attentive forever....he he.

  6. Our neighbors gave my son a praying mantis a while back which we watched for some time before releasing. It climbed up on the side of the house and I was standing there looking at it while waiting for the kids to get in the car to go shopping.

    Suddenly, it turned its little head and started right at me, seemingly as intent about me as I was about it. Then it flew right at me. I ducked, it flew in a circle above me then went off into the ditch somewhere.

    I'll never look quite that close to one again, unless it is on the other side of a glass pane.

  7. Thanks for the comments on how cute my kids are!! And Sue, I'll be in touch.

    Dana, I have some unclear photos where the praying mantis is trying to fight the camera!! I thought these were such peaceful creatures, but evidently not. It doesn't appreciate the flash and the closeness of the camera.

  8. Eww... I think praying mantis are the ickiest bugs alive. I don't want anything to look at me that way.


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