25 November 2008

Cranberry Sauce

******* Today, we made real cranberry sauce using cranberries, water and sugar. The children hate the canned cranberries that aren't perfectly jellied, but they'll eat this kind they made at home, which is pretty much the same thing. Only fresher. We were going to use a recipe for "ink" we found online using berries, but cranberries just do NOT fit the bill for that. Their juice is entirely too light.


  1. I make my own cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving table. Sometimes I add jello to it to help with thickening. It makes it delicious. My kids wont eat it any way I make it. :)

  2. Not a fan of cranberries. Very weird things. I'm being a bad blogging buddy & not commenting [flat out like a lizard sunbaking] but I'm still reading every day. Just thought I'd let you know I'm still here & not completely melted away.

  3. Wonderful Canberry Sauce...I chop up apples and put a little orange zest and a squeeze of oj in my to make it a little different.
    What ever floats your boat! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Polly and Steve

  4. That is so neat! I need to do more domesticated things like that! Making jam would be neat, or spagetti with my own tomatoes! Oh sounds like an idea!

  5. I've never made my own cranberry sauce! I bet the kiddos had a blast helping.

    I've taken the time to read some of your olders posts tonight. It's been nice getting to know you better. God bless you deary!

  6. I'm enjoying your blog. I'm not sure why I haven't seen it before since we seem to have some blog friends in common! :)

    My kids are going to help me make the entire Thanksgiving dinner. It will be the first for all of us since we usually go to a relative's house! I'll be sure to post about it....eventually. LOL!

  7. Pamela loves homemade cranberry sauce and she plans on helping me make it this year . . . :0)

    Runny doesn't matter to me as long as it tastes good!

  8. That's funny, that they'll eat the lumpy ones that they made, but not the lumpy ones from the store.

    Our kids don't like the ones with the cranberry pieces in them, either (though that's my favorite).

    Props to you for being adventurous (and brave) enough to do this with the kids.


  9. We always had the canned cranberry sauce, which I never ate, for Thanksgiving. One year, I grabbed a bag of fresh, and whipped it up and brought it to my mom's. Everyone ate it (including me) and the tradition continues! It's so easy, and much better than canned. I know, I'm preaching to the choir here. :)


  10. Over-achievers!

    I make mine with a can opener...


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