09 January 2009

Assorted Thoughts.

I have all kinds of assorted thoughts, but of course not enough coherent thoughts on the same topic to string together in a nice little post.


Been learning about the twelve disciples in our homeschool Bible studies. The children are learning about the disciples getting to know Jesus personally. We can know Jesus through the scriptures, but not personally in the same way these men did. What was Jesus's favourite colour? They want to know. I think, though, if Jesus were on earth, he might not have different favourites at different times as I do.

There are just some mysteries of the world we're never going to know. Emperor says that yes, you can find out everything. All you have to do is sneak into heaven and steal God's brain and put it in your brain. Sigh. It would be so cute if he weren't so serious, thinking that this was a viable plot. I would have asked the logistics of this, but Elf beat me to it by reminding Emperor that stealing is wrong, so the plot's off.



G is an area of concern lately. Would you join me in praying for his heart and mind? He feels that he is "retarded." First off, that language isn't used in our house and second, disability does not equal personhood. BUT that being said, why does he feel he is the "stupidest" and therefore God does not love him?

This all started during his three-year testing results being discussed. He needs some help calming down and staying on task at school. There were many great things said about his character and the improvements he's been able to make. But of course, the meeting isn't about his improvements. It's about areas of concern and discussion of test results. SO he walked away with a skewed version of reality. And yet, I want him to participate as fully as possible as it is his education and his future.


Patrick is more the absent-minded professor type. He wanted to get together with a friend, but forgot his phone number. This resulted in his calling every residence within 20 miles that had the same last name listed in the phone book. One family answered and they had a nice little chat about "Z." Patrick is his good friend and knows him pretty well, he told them and he wants to invite him over for video games.

Well, I'm not sure, the parent said on the other end. What with Z being only three, and we don't really know you...


Well there's more than one "Z" Lastname in our town then. How funny. Well, turns out Z has his own cell phone and wasn't in the book anyway.

Another time, Patrick had been trying to arrange a Nintendo Wii "Brawl" fight online with a friend I'll call Scott. Patrick... being Patrick... kept calling the number listed in the school phone book for Scott F. He kept talking to the mom about well, what's Scott doing now? Oh, walking the dog. He's not free now? Ok, and what's he doing tomorrow?

All kinds of personal information about Scott F. was revealed by his mother to Patrick. He finally calls to find out that Scott is free to chat on the phone!!

So, are we going to fight today? he asks.


We're fighting, right? When are we going to Brawl?

Who arranged this fight? Who is this, anyway?

LOL ... wrong Scott. Sigh.


  1. lol. You trying to kill me? I choked on my coffee & snorted it out of all sorts of places it doesn't belong!
    Deutromomy 29:29 is the one for kids with unaswerable questions : The secret things of God belong to God alone but the promises are for us & our descendents. Don't think I've got that quite right but I've misplace my bible [again] & have no idea where I dropped it last so I can't look it up.
    I have a *Patrick* too ~ hewck, sometime I am Patrick! lol. Poor kid. I lknow how it feels.

    Hey, you have an award on my blog under sharing the love. Please come collect.

  2. Thanks, Ganeida! Off to visit now.


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