08 January 2009

BO Duke.

OK, so his bangs are crooked. I'm counting the haircut as successful because he has both ears and eyes still. He's running to the camera to get his photo taken. Cameras are a source of joy and excitement. Unlike baths. BO to baths, Woodjie says. And BO to nigh-nigh time. And BO to being told "all done Bob Tomato." BO. I guess he'll learn to say "Luke" and "Uncle Jesse" later.


  1. He is just one cute little kid. A blessing from the Lord!

    -- D

  2. Crooked bangs? Who would notice when he has such a bright, winning smile?!

  3. Look at those rosy cheeks. Such a little doll.

  4. I think "Luke" should be the highest priority for any vocabulary development [laughing].

    And I love baths (still do). And bedtime. But getting my hair cut? No thank you.


  5. hi! was just eating some lunch and googled to find some fellow homeschooling mom's blogs and there you wre..... I love the description on your blog title!

    I keep two blogs one is personal- me stuff (for the whole world to see, lol) and the other my homeschooling blog. If you should visit, either blog will take you to each place.

    what a beautiful family you have!
    blessings- Deanna

  6. Hi Deanna! I'll be visiting soon!

    Luke, we'll just be working on that while you get the General Lee ready for him to take a spin in. :]

    Cajunchic, this little doll is the liveliest you've ever seen!

    LOL Sue, thanks!

    D, you know I agree with you. Now, you just remember your words at dinnertime when Woodj gets upset. Needs a little work on the "How not to be a barbarian" lessons. :]


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