11 January 2009

Elf Goes To Church

He picked out the outfit and the pleasant attitude all by himself.


  1. Ha! Now that it funny! :)

    Don't suppose they teach about fashion in Sunday School... Maybe a pleasant face would make the outfit work! :)

  2. I don't know that Elf would really get it if someone were to comment on the outfit. He's so smart, but some things he's not quite getting. He was at least pleasant at church. :]

  3. What a face! And what an outfit! Im all for self expression!!

  4. Someone has the poochie lip disease (it's an awesome song by Patch the Pirate, guaranteed to cure any child with that disease) . . .

  5. OK, Casdok, *you* take him next week! Have fun! :p

    Tammy, haven't heard that one, but seeing the pics helped Elf to see how maybe this wasn't the best face to present to the public...

    Lisa, it's only funny when it's someone else's kids. That, or after it's all over and you're home again...

  6. I came across your blog this morning while cruising the internet. It was definitely not by chance.

    Our precious angel has FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and suffers from many diagnoses like Sensory Integration Disorder, Autistic Tendencies, Hypotonia, seizure disorder and global development delays. She came into our lives at the tender age of 1 day old and she is now almost 5. We are homeschooling her as we
    have found the public school environment is not for her.

    I plan on coming back to visit often!

  7. That is probably what my kids looked like all week going to church since I've been gone. LOL

  8. He looks marvelous!

    I used to call Marissa's outfits like that Beauty Blender outfit... put everything you own in a blender and take out what's on top. But, that doesn't seem very masculine.

    I never worried about stuff like that. I figured no one in their right mind was going to assume I had selected Marissa's outfit. Once she wore a pink swimsuit top emblazoned with Barbie, a pair of knit dark green tights, a blue scarf wrapped and tied as some kind of a weird skirt and a pair of patent leather Mary Janes.

  9. too cute! I love it! and I love how you love your children!

    In Him, Deanna

  10. I have one that dresses like that and I am always loathe to let her out of the house.

    My husband however thought that Elf's outfit and face were hysterical and he thought that the church would love it.

  11. My, aren't we ready to take in the Word?


  12. I'm sure everyone at church was amused. Funny kid.


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