28 March 2009

Nudity and Etc.

The human body is a beautiful work of art. Yup. Pope John Paul II said so, and therefore we can do the "sexy" look and inspire lust in millions of young men. And besides, the French version of Vogue "sets the standard" for the fashion industry, and if it has topless women included, it *must* be ok for me to wear a bikini and look like a pole dancer for money.

This lady said so, anyway. Personally, I don't find myself panting over the Greek statues of discus throwers and whatnot, and I haven't heard of too many men *ahem* pleasuring themselves over the old pics of Aphrodite with the shells. (Not that too many men would tell me about it if they did.) Hey, they're pretty people, and I suppose if you're all... hepped up anyway they might "inspire" you a bit... but these old artworks don't seem to be screaming, "DO ME NOW!" to the viewing audience. Just my take on it.

You know, that's one of the things that bother me about the parenting magazines sometimes when they show a woman's breast. Can I be frank with you here... it's never this teeny little boob with stretch marks and elastic marks, it's always some really round "Barbie on hormones" sized watermelon thing perfectly angled for the camera. And I think banning pics of breastfeeding are silly. BUT I also think some of these pics depicting "good nutrition" in infants are really just soft porn. (Methinks I will get some comments on this LOL!)

In other news...

Spiderman Saves the Day! It's a true story... he really did.

Sit or Squat? If you travel, visit this website to plan the pit stops on your journey. Sponsored by Charmin... because they've "got your back" LOL! Worldwide. Somebody was very, very busy doing research for this.

Free Printable Pecs! Get 'em here.

Emperor's food choices Sorry, but if you don't want the cheddar chicken casserole Dad made, you will have to have a peanut butter sandwich made from the heels over here. Emperor says he's very hungry... but he's not sure he likes eels very much. Awww. He ate 'em anyway.


  1. The only thing I'm game to comment on is the loos. In my experience anything run by a Teuton is perfectly safe. IF it's one of the Romance peoples ~RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  2. See, I haven't been to any truly strange potties. I can tell you there are certain TYPES of places that would likely have dirty bathrooms, like gas stations. But I've seen pics of squat potties and the like that are kinda scary.

  3. Awww, I clicked on the PECS expecting to see muscled men. (KIDDING)

    This post has me chuckling to myself.

  4. How to comment on this wonderfully funny funny post...can't, except to say Keep writing..you should write one of those Erma Bombeck books...Remember her? too too funny

  5. Dont tell me you have forgotten the ladies room in the airport at Papeete, Tahiti??? It was a hole in a tile floor, hon.....Love Ya!! Mom

  6. Widdle Shamrock, what you do with picture icons in the privacy of your own home is none of my bz


    Betty, I'm glad you're laughing. Sometimes I never know how people will "take" something, and I was all ready for the breastfeeding comments... you know.

    Mom, I remember Fiji had the worst restrooms EVER and they smelled bad and... I was very glad to get out of that country. I think that was also the place that sprayed bug stuff on us.

  7. ... BUT I don't ever remember going to Tahiti. Are you sure you're my mom? :]

  8. If this is the second comment in a short while, please forgive...You know I'm not computer savvy, but the first comment seems to be lost in cyberspace....

    Yes, I am your mother, and yes, you are correct- you only saw the airport in Papete, Tahiti... It was a short layover on our return to the States after living in Australia for two years... The highlight (??) of the airport was the ladies room, which had no commodes, just holes in the tile floors of the stalls!! You declined to use the facilities ... I think you were around 12 yrs old .... LOVE YA!! MOM

  9. Nudity in art. ...I need to get our book written.

    Okay: Pornography has to do with Intent, Content, and Response (as we discuss in our book, which we are working on the second draft... we are). "DO ME NOW" has the intent, content and desired response of... well... porn. The "old pics" do not currently have that.

    However, if a guy were to be ... "pleasuring" himself to these, then it would be his intent to use the content to get his response. Thus, this is far more about heart than whether the suckling orbs in breastfeeding ads are perfectly shaped or not.

    ...but you make a good point. And, yes, the breastfeeding images can be soft porn, but that's almost entirely up to the viewers choice of the response they will have.

    ...too much to say in this space. Plus, it's a Monday, and I've got 500 other posts to catch up on [smile]. Wish our book was published so I could just say, "Get my book, read chapter 3 of part 2."


  10. You have to be my mom. Why else would someone make up a story about toilets in "Papeete?" I do remember places to and from Australia to be very, very icky.

    Except for Wellington, New Zealand. The cleanest, best airport in the world. :]

    Luke, I'll sure read your book but I want my copy signed!!

    I don't know how to write this, but I think some of the parenting mags are out only to sell their advertiser's crap. As such, they need the pretty ladies in the magazine. Never do I see 40-something fat mommas with bad hair nursing their newborns. It's always an early 20-something and... airbrushed. I feel like these people are "using" the breastfeeding to get readership and then when someone squawks, they can claim the squawker is anti-breastfeeding... It's almost like the baby is an accessory to the breast and the mom always has that "together" look.

    Even the posts about tired mommas have um, ant-shaped ladies lounging about in the bed all "sleepy" next to beefy, shirtless husband.


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