16 March 2009

Unfortunately "Mrs. C"

Yes, Mrs. C is not my real name. Obviously. But I saw others on the blogs playing this game and I thought surely I would get more "normal" answers than the ones I saw! To play, you type in "unfortunately yourname" and hit search. See what you get. I typed "unfortunately Mrs.C's realname" and found out that unfortunately...

My go-go boots are patented (Drat! You can't "steal this look!").

Don't go into that garage or think about scratching my paint! I am now a major motion picture TM!

I am not saving a place in hell for gays and being inclusive (??!). Yeah.

I was not the pig "Babe" in the sequel, "Babe, Pig in the City." (Because I live in the suburbs. :])

I also don't "mesh well with the Stepford Moms."

Now you know.


  1. That was random but funny! Thought I'd swing by and leave a comment, having all sorts of trouble tracking people down ha ha ha. Hope it's welcome

  2. LOL of course you are welcome! :] I'm very glad you are blogging.


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