18 April 2009

Before... After.

Our cat is older and doesn't groom herself very well... it was just time. Thanks, D!! You can't beat free cat-grooming. He used the same home hair-cutting kit I use on the boys. I suppose it's kinda gross to use the same kit for people and animals, but I'm figuring we bathe afterwards, right?


  1. I'm sure you're fine. (Americans are far too sanitary for their own good, anyway.)


  2. lol. I use the nit comb to groom our cat. He thinks that's what he keeps us for!

  3. A, thanks for that comment! Because I'm not caring if Woodjie eats his hair during his haircut, so long as it distracts him while I'm cutting near his pretty blue eyes!!

    Ganeida, my cat's kinda self-centered that way, too. :]

  4. Except bummer for us we've never gotten nits!


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