19 April 2009

Would You Like a Cheesebooger?

Yuck! This article debates the legal repercussions of placing body fluids and other assorted yummies in other people's food items. Is it a misdemeanor or a felony? It depends on where you live!

Once, I was in our local Pizza Cabana picking up an order. Behind the register, I could see the teen worker dropped one of the breadsticks he was about to bring out to the tables and accidentally stepped on it. He looked up at the manager inquiringly. The manager gave a slight nod. The young man picked up the breadstick, put it on top of the others and proceeded out to the tables.

I followed him.

The manager saw I was about to inform the customers at the table of what was transpiring. "(Name!) Get back here! What were you thinking!??"

Um, yeah, he was thinking he was following orders. What else happens at restaurants that is unseen and unrecorded for YouTube? Maybe we don't want to know, but we'd like someone ELSE to have an idea and minimize it. Yuck.


  1. I just saw a report somewhere of the top 10 most disgusting behind the scenes at a restaurant videos

    was pretty disturbing

    then again - Nana used to say "there's clean dirt and there's dirty dirt" and if we dropped some food she'd tell us to "kiss it up to God" and eat it

    love the cat's new look, I'm sure she's much more comfy now - I might consider that for Mia at some point

  2. Eeew, you watched all 10? I don't think I'd be that brave!

    Yeah, there's clean dirty and there's dirty beyond the usual dirty.

  3. I so can't go here. I'd never eat again.

  4. My mom and dad lived in Phoenix when young man made headlines, was fired and I believe charged with assault and adding a harmful substance to food for blowing his nose in a burger served to a police officer. He was caught because the police officer noticed snot on his burger.

    My mom and dad have never eaten at that fast food joint again, no matter what its location.

  5. Eeew, eeew, eeew! Another good reason not to eat fast food. Not that it couldn't happen in a nicer restaurant... I'm with Ganeida. Let's not go there.

  6. That's one of the reason I don't like sending food back if there's something wrong with it. What's wrong with me people?


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