27 June 2009

About Facebook.

Yep, I have an account. I have crossed over to the Dark Side. Before you know it, I will be Twittering on like everyone else and even get an I-pod, or text messaging and picture things on my phone.

I see a few people I used to go to high school with. (All liberal, as I went to school in New Yawk.) Some people I go to church with. (All conservative, as I live in Missour-ah, where we LOVE John Ashcroft.) Assorted people from the blogs (mostly homeschoolers, because... you know. I have a homeschooling blog?). It's so much fun to see all these different people together in one place. I think as long as we stick to topics such as, "Which Plastic Army Man Are You?" that we can all get along just fine.

Speaking of which, sometimes I take the silly tests because they only take a minute or so. I've found out new things about myself, such as the fact that I am "truley" a leader, or that I am the Bazooka plastic army man, or that I'm a Mother Hen mom.

But Facebook has a ton of other "features" that I've never used and don't have time to learn right now. If I automatically receive a "farm," it must be in ruin. I think I accepted a chicken and never figured out how to send a gift back or feed the chicken. That was several weeks back and I think my chicken is dead. And did you know that my brother is a Mafia boss on one of those game things? I wouldn't mess with him if I were you. He can be pretty ... intimidating in real life (6 ft 4, shaved head, tattoos and an attitude... Hi, Jim!), so I can't imagine what he's like online with his inhibitions gone. You've been warned. :p

One thing that kept making me sad for a while when I first got onto Facebook were the "friend suggestions." Facebook kept "suggesting" that I add my uncle, who had just died. His entries were still fresh on the rest of my family members' posts. There was his smiling face with the caption "Add as Friend" beneath. *sniff*

Do you like Facebook? Have you found and connected with old friends?


  1. At the risk of tomatoes I will share I think Facebook is annoying & shallow & superficial & downright boring BUT I do have an account. It's where I play when I am too exhausted to think straight. I don't use it for socializing which I think drives more than a few of my contacts a little crazy. I'd rather blog.

  2. You know I LOVE facebook! I found so far 111 friends. BUT.... these are people I know in REAL life. These are not just people I met online. In fact, none of them are people I only met online. I have church friends, relatives, blogging friends, high school friends, junior high friends. That's the difference and what makes it all so fun. I actually know these people. I have found that I've becomer closer to them because I can't see most of them very often, or never at all. I've gotten to see pictures of their kids, their family. It is not shallow at all when you are communicating with people you actually know in real life. At night, after working all day, I love to sit down with my coffee and see what everyone has been up to. It's just so neat and a nice way to connect. I even use it to direct them to my most recent blog which a lot of them tell me they go to see. It's funny, before facebook, I was always too busy to connect with them. Now, I feel like I've become closer to them because I'm talking to them more than when I see them at church, or just through a message on a blog. When I do run into them, if we live in the same town, it's like we haven't been apart because we've been connecting all along. I love it. :D

  3. Ganeida has been loving the tomatoes lately here! They're in season! :] ((hug))

    Virginia, I guess I haven't seen that side of it. I'm more like Ganeida, though sometimes I get updates and stuff I wouldn't otherwise, too. :]

  4. I resisted for ages. But now do enjoy it. My friends are mainly bloggers.
    Think i have a few dead chickens as well!

  5. Through FB, I have been able to connect with long-lost classmates from high school (junior high and high had 28 kids). I have enjoyed videos of homeschooler friends (their children are filming their own version of Northanger Abbey). That aspect of it is neat.

    I do not have a cell phone and will get one when David gets his license.

    I got an MP3 player for free by redeeming Piggly Wiggly Greenbax points.

    I am sorry about your uncle. I wonder if they eventually close those accounts . . .

  6. I have had a FB acct for a few months now. I find it easier to do short posts on there now than sit down long enough to write a blog entry.

    It took me a while to get used to FB. It seemed so self-centered.. but after a few days I realized it's just a different way of sharing what is on your mind.

    I have loved connecting with old friends on it!

  7. Casdok, I resisted for ages, too! :]

    Tammy, the Piggly Wiggly is such a funny store name! I wish I got stuff free from my store. Here, our store is the Hy-Vee. Sounds like a rash, doesn't it?

    LAA, I don't know how to compress what I'm saying into two sentences very well!

  8. You know my thoughts on FB. It is a love-hate relationship. I just found a chilhood friend, that I had been looking for, and I was so excited (actually she found me!). She had triplets and lots of other fun things to share.

    I do it a lot in the evening when showers are winding down, etc.

    It only takes a few minutes and sometimes is so much easier than blogggin. But I love the therapy that blogging seems to give me.

    I don't play any of those games because I know I will be in even deeper than before. The ZK plays Mafia.

  9. I found Facebook has become much more useful in the past year, especially now that all the older people my age are on it also!

    Expat Abroad

  10. I'm with Ganeida. I did Facebook for a while, then stopped and deleted it all. I would meet someone in person, have them friend me on FB, and then never want to interact in real life. I didn't get that. Then someone told me that people "collect" friends - the more "friends" you have on FB, the cooler you are.

    That, and honestly? I really don't want to get in contact with people I knew in high school or grade school. I'm not particularly keen on everyone knowing what I'm up to these days. Plus, when I did have a profile I would have clients try to friend me - and I find that inappropriate. So I just closed it all down. On the positive side, my sister got in touch with our cousins (my family is not close), and that was neat.

    Oh, and all those tests? They're put out by marketers who review the answers and tailor the sidebar ads accordingly.

  11. Oh, boy... that IS inappropriate! That would be like "friending" a psychologist or something. Creepy.


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