29 October 2009


It's very difficult for Emperor. This is his neatest work... readable, but not without a little effort. We've gone through the writing in shaving cream, workbook exercises, etc. and I'm sure he's improved over the years, but I still can't say that it isn't a problem. One of the difficulties in comparing his writing this year to years past is the fact that one must do MORE writing as one ages. It's one thing to turn in a single page, perfect, with nothing but B's on it. Quite another to write, flowing, legibly, one letter into the next while maintaining a train of thought on paper. Emperor turned eight in August, and would have been in second grade this year were he in public school.


  1. That is immaculate compared to Celtic Dingo (now 10) who still mixes capital letters with lower case, will not sit y,g,p,q on the line but above the line. Just don't get me started. And it's not like we haven't tried !!!!!

    We just gotta do the best we can do.

    I do think there is ALOT involved when writing a story.

  2. Please don't take this as discounting your concerns about his handwriting, but I can't help but be a little jealous. I pray that Nutkin will write one day, but I'm not storing up all my hopes in it. I am a little more hopeful about the prospect of his being able to type.

    The fact that Emperor can make up stories and put them down on paper is wonderful! Oh, and can I also say that my neuro-typical 5th grade son does not write that much in cursive yet either?! Way to go Emperor!

  3. Nikki, I keep thinking I ought to teach him to type. Then I keep thinking we should just continue practicing. You just never know. I know that feeling of working on one area very hard and not seeing good results... and others? Well, my success is unearned. :]

    (((SUE))) I'm just going to be glad if Woodjie talks a bit and forget the writing... you know? It's hard. It's just hard.

  4. My school didn't start cursive until 4th grade (at a very well-regarded school), so I'd say mostly-legible cursive at 2nd grade is great!

    Of course, his handwriting is more legible than my own...curse those computers! I can barely scratch out a signature these days :)

  5. I think that is amazing. My nieces who were homeschooled didn't write that well until they were 10. I didn't learn cursive until 3rd grade, which I skipped and so it took years for me to learn to do it well. Emperor is doing really well. Take heart!

  6. Hey Mrs C, thanks for commenting on my blog! Are you a 'niche' blogger - yes, we all are! Most people who come to my blog probably don't find it particularly useful to them.

    Don't discount how interesting your life is to others - indicated by the several readers you have. You have a very unique experience to share.

    I see from your comment that we're relative neighbors, and I don't know if I noted that before, but that's pretty cool, especially since I work in education too (though not homeschooling.)

  7. I'm very grateful that most of my work is done on computers.

    Back in the day, I used to take notes in my own "code"/alphabet I created because it was easier for me to read.


  8. Just Curious is Emperor Left Handed or Right Handed?

    I'm left handed and I had quite the problem writing cursive when I was younger. In 3rd grade I remember that I had to have extra help to learn how to do it correctly, as I was just not getting it.

    Good Luck Emperor, and remember Practice make Perfect!

  9. Allison, thanks for the encouragement. I've read that people judge you by your handwriting and all sorts of other things "out there" and would hate for Emperor to be crippled business-wise by it later on. I'm thinking that that is NOT the case with everyone or even *most* people. :]

    Bonnie, maybe I compare my kids to the answer "samples" I see in our teachers' manuals. The writing is perfect except for a mistake or two obviously interposed by the editors of the curriculum. Sigh.

    Matt, I hadn't thought of it that way. I guess everyone IS a "niche" blogger.

    Luke, that would make a very cool post if you still have some of your old notebooks.

    Shelly, Emperor is right-handed. He also has trouble cutting straight lines and that sort of thing, so I have no doubt it's a control issue mechanically for him.

  10. His looks way better than Griffin's! We can't even read Griffins, come to think of it, nor can he!
    ANd he can't read or spell ... it is such a worry.
    Thank you for your supportive comments ...{{{HUGS}}}

  11. My oldest daughter has beautiful handwriting but my 2nd daughterand all the other boys who are of writing age have handwriting that would have made my penmanship instructor go crazy!

    I don't think that your Emperor's handwriting is all that bad! My kid's writing always improved a bit when they are 10.

  12. ((Chris)) Hugging you back. Sorry to rant at your commenter, but that just cheesed me.

    Diane, you had a penmanship instructor??? Jealous. :]

    Mrs. K, your ex writes stories about secret trees and praying to God for letters? Well... I don't know what to say about that LOL!

  13. Hello??? He writes in cursive. Schools around here do not even teach that anymore except for teaching kids to sign their name . . .


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