03 December 2009

On Gratitude.

by Elf, Age 9:

I show gaditude by doing what mom says. My mom makes my home comeftubul. My mom lets us do fun things in school. She makes us happy all day. She gives us things we don't desurve. She lets us play with the babies. Thank you mom for what you have done for us! The way I show thaks for what she's done is that I help her. Obeying her. I wach the kids for her so she can eat. We do school so she can know that she is raising good childrin. We clean our room for her. That is how we show gratatude to her.

by Emperor, Age 8:

I show gratitude by whatching the kids. I Somtimes I mess up trying to show gratitude. The only thing I do when that happens is to be a minus not a plus. (Mom's note: I tell the children they must be a PLUS, or a helper, when we go out and not a MINUS, or a pain-in-the-butt. Mom needs helpers!) Mom takes us out for lunch or dinner sometimes. Mom sometimes takes Elf and I to Target or Walmart even. Showing gratitude is hard.

Thanks to Elf and Emperor for a sweet little assignment today. They were asked only for a few sentences on gratitude in their journals. By the way, their posts about hurricanes and storms can be found on their blogs:

Emperor's post

Elf's post

Thanks for reading!


  1. Mrs. C,
    How sweet! You are blessed mom.
    It is so touching that they understand and appreciate all that you do for them.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. So sweet!

  3. My favorite part: "I watch the kids for her so she can eat."

    :) Makes me laugh. Moms gotta eat and having a meal in peace (or the hope of peace) is nice once in a while!

  4. Those letters are wonderful! What sweet boys you have.

    I love the part: " She makes us happy all day." You are one terrific Mommy!

  5. I really can't decide which is better..."We do school so she can know that she is raising good childrin" or "Sometimes I mess up trying to show gratitude."

  6. Your wee boys are so darn cute!


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