05 December 2009

Happy Third Birthday, Woodjie!

No festivities yet. Napping with Dad. I have a sore throat and I'm not sure if I'll make him an egg/milk-free cake today. I might put it off and do it later this week. Look for more Woodjie posts this week as he starts preschool on Monday. Prayers appreciated. :]


  1. What an adorable picture! Happy Birthday Woodjie!
    Hope you feel better soon Mrs. C!

  2. Happy Birthday Woodjie! Prayers for pre-school!

    PS--Just so you know...holiday table cloth and napkins done. Pictures later (I can't find my camera cord).

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEE MAN. I hope he does well at Pre School.

  4. Happy Birthday, Woodjie!!! I will pray for him this week as he starts pre-school, and look forward to the updates. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. I hope Woodjie had a good birthday. I have a sore throat too. You must've given it to me when you visited my blog.


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