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All About Girlie.

When I was expecting, I was EXPECTING I'd have this sweet little Girlie with hair bows. She would dress nicely and sit quietly. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Awww.

But she doesn't. She laughs at burps. She puts her feet on the table during meals. She even throws her food, she's that rude sometimes. It doesn't help that occasionally her brothers encourage this by giggling about it.

I'm really working hard with this kid. At least now she can wave her hand around as though she were smelling something awful and say "poo-poo" so I can get a chance to change her. Before? She'd crumple her nose as if to say, "Get this icky thing away from me," dig in her pants and throw the offending object away. Eew!

Ok, so there's progress on that front. But she's still climbing the couch. It doesn't matter what nasty punishment I devise for the kid; she's motivated. Once I caught her in the act and was running toward her when she tackled WOODJIE, who was minding his own business, told him "No! NO! No, no" and SMACKED him a good one upside the head. Like that will work on me and placate my anger. The kid has some serious reasoning issues.

Or this: Imagine you are less than three feet tall. Your older brothers are about 6 ft 2 inches tall, and they are chasing you, scaring you and being a monster or a lion. Do you:

A. Run away! Scream for Mom to help!

B. Hide!

C. Confront them head-on with a big growl and LICK THEM? And then tell them "NO No NOOOOOO" while you squish your face up in an angry pout and point your finger at them?

The girl is crazy, too, because she chooses choice C on a regular basis.

This child also has no idea about "Mom means what she says." She knows Woodjie is leaving the house (he goes to preschool) and asks for her "Shhhh-zooz." Um, nope. You're going to be going nigh-nigh soon.


Later... "Shhh-zooz?" Um, nope. Nigh-nigh.

(crumples herself on the floor dramatically. Mom ignores her.) "Owwwwwt? Owwt? (still ignoring) "Shhhh-zoooz?"


"Up, up, up?? Owwwwwwt?" Um, nope. Nigh-nigh in one minute.

*cries dramatically*

Ok, nigh-nigh NOW, then. Time for bed!

I almost feel sorry for her... but she has to learn sometime. Elf and Emperor were pleading her case... she really should go somewhere... she used her WORDS! How about we go to Wal-Mart? Then we can look at all the toys!

Isn't that generous?


  1. None of my kids turned out like I expected. The first one was too shy. The second was isn't very bright. The third was is turning into a tomboy. And the fourth one won't eat.

  2. I guess my son is making me dumberer. I used "was" instead of "one" twice.

  3. That is SO Millie in a nutshell, but she has the men wrapped. She's totally not afraid to take on the big guys when necessary!

  4. Guess that is the hazard of being the youngest and only Girl (besides mommy of course) in a house full of brothers!

    Maybe she will get into more girly things as she gets a little older!


  5. She would fit right in with my Emma. I want her to be a girly girl so bad, but she just isn't listening to me LOL.

    But then again, none of my kids did what I wanted them too. ;-)

  6. I LOVE it!!
    girls with spunk and grit are the best
    Hope is a bit like that
    she growls at her Dad
    she hates hats and bows and struggles to take her socks off all the time

  7. Did you really expect her to be a girly girl with 5 big brothers in the house! HA.. silly you!
    She is who she is, and she's adorable! And she can stand up for herself, this is no mean feat!

  8. Oh and yeah, she sounds SPUNKY AS!

  9. What Chris said. Up until puberty changed the physical odds Liddy could take on any of her brothers & win. Ditz still can. She is incredibly strong. NOT what I had in mind when I requested a girl but yours is so adorable & lovable anyway.

  10. hahaha! I have a girl like that!

    Got your blog comment..commented back :-)

  11. Hey Mrs. C, thanks for your comment. I know, it's tough. I've got a lady in church in a similar circumstance. I'm always blown away at how the commentors always outdo me at my own topics. I'll be praying for you.

  12. Daddy forever is hilarious!

    My kids aren't exactly what I had in mind before I had children. I thought they'd be perfect little kids who would sit on the couch and smile at me while I helped them learn their abc's. They would never fight and they would love going to church. Sigh. Well, at least they're starting to finally tie their own shoes.

    As far as girls are concerned. They're so much more complicated than my boys. They're SNEAKY.

  13. The entire time I was reading this I kept thinking that she was using so many words. That is so wonderful!!

    She is a typical girl though that has big brothers. Trust me I know. My girls are ruined by their big brother and their little brother even.


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