14 January 2010

Rite of Passage.

Patrick has never owned a gold or silver piece of jewelry. Frankly, I was surprised at his interest in class rings, most particularly as he will not be attending his current high school next year. Presently he attends Cityname High School, and next year he will attend the *new* Cityname NORTH High School (Yes, they had several committees and spent much time and effort reviewing submissions so that they could name this school properly.) If it's been awhile since you've been in high school, or you're just plain curious, you'll want to design your dream ring at jostens.com and take a look at their stuff. Patrick is very adamant about owning a class ring... despite the fact that they will not make one with the new high school logo... he'll have to have it CHANGED next year. D says mayyyybe he'll contribute $40 toward the ring, but Patrick has to work for the rest. If I grumble about it, he'll make it $30. :P


  1. As long as Patrick can find work, I'd say having him help pay for it is a pretty good plan. Guys have a habit of losing them. :)

    I still have mine. Do you have yours?

  2. Yep. Mine was super-expensive with onyx, too, so it would match my super-long BLACK Lee Press-On Nails (tm).

    Those were the days!!

  3. My mom didn't want me to get one because she was sure that once I was in college I wouldn't want to wear it anymore. She was probably right.

    I held her to the promise to get me a college ring, though. I might still wear that one if it fit. I haven't been able to get in on since pregnancy #1 over 12 years ago!

  4. I have my college ring . . . I don't remember if we had a high school ring, A. L. Bristol, graduating class: Dee Dee, Dianna, Matt, and Tammy!

  5. I wore my class ring until right before I got married when I knew it was going to be replaced with a smaller--but slightly more significant--bit of metal [smile].


  6. We have had the class ring discussion at our home...

    Marissa's employment history: 1 month at McD, 5 months at Arby's, 1 day at Subway (don't even include that one on the resumes... they didn't bother to pay her) and 4.5 months at Taco Bell ~ she was fired.

    So, there is no income on her part. She tells me every week that she is quitting school when she turns 18 (in February)... The school she attends is *a nearby town* Psychiatric Day Treatment School. Who wants that on a class ring?

    But, Marissa wants one really, really bad. I just said, "Nah!"

  7. I never had a desire for ANY kind of high school mememto, likely because I couldn't wait to get out of that place! Ah, memories.

    Designed my ring, but stopped halfway through when the price hit $346. Either I have expensive tastes or ouch!


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