05 January 2010

Blanket Homeschooling!

Yep. It's a new one. Public schools are closed today due to the cold weather. It's really too cold to expect small children to wait at the bus stop or walk to school. It doesn't stop us from grabbing a blanket and getting our work done, though. See how snuzzly warm Elf is in his blanket? I also paid Patrick $5 to teach the boys some music for an hour. At the end of the lesson, Elf and Emperor could read the notes you see here. Patrick is sad that he didn't have time to teach them "tempo" and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe some other cold day. :)


  1. What a great big brother Patrick is! And isn't great that you can have homeschool even on the really cold days.

  2. I much prefer to stay home on super cold days. And curled up in a blanked while it's so cold is a beautiful thing too .


  3. I want to come homeschool in a blankie too ???

    I have passed the Lemonade Stand Award on to you. ;-)

    Visit my site to learn more.

  4. it's wonderful that they read music!!

  5. Patrick is a gorgeous, wonderful young man for sure!

  6. It is freezing here in South Carolina. I cannot fathom how cold it must be in states with real winters . . .


  7. Too cold?! Wow. Then again, I had classes canceled due to "high winds" once.

    That's so cool that Patrick is teaching his siblings!

  8. It's pretty cold up here in Michigan and I'm so glad we don't have to go out unless we want to or absolutely need to.

    What a great big brother to teach a little music.


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