15 January 2010

Fun Food Days!

Rose wants some cheese balls. "Ball?" she asks. Ok. "Hee," she'll point into her bowl. As in, "Put 'em right here." Ok, Miss Bossy. There ya go.

"EE? EEE? EEEE!" Woodjie is no dum-dum. Hey, he doesn't say much, but he knows a good thing when he sees it. For him, though, it isn't really a good thing because he has allergies. He knows maybe three words, and unfortunately he chose to say a new one when we were serving something he couldn't have recently: pizza.

"No, Woodjie. You're allergic." Before the wail and tantrum that are starting to simmer after his hearing this reach full boil, I bring over the milk and egg-free sugar wafers. "Want cookie?"

"Doo-EEE?" (Whole body nod!) Oh, yeah. He's pretty happy now. But there's still trouble in the Mrs. C house.

"Boo? Boo? Boo?" Rose wants 'em. She even points to the spot in her bowl she wants you to set them. "Hee!"

Um, nope. These are Woodjie's special expensive cookies. You don't get any, kid.


Sometimes you just can't win! At least Elf and Emperor were very hilariously entertained by this exchange while they were chomping on cheese balls. Better than dinner theatre, I suppose. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun meal time to me.

  2. Definitely better than dinner theater!

  3. Thankfully meals haven't degenerated for us much. Both girls understand when we tell them that I don't eat things with wheat in them because "it's not good for me" and they seem to handle things okay when we decide that we need to do separate foods for special situations with them.

    Thus far...


  4. I've noticed our baby seems to want the food we eat. And of course, he's allergic to the food we eat. I guess our whole family will have to start eating food he's not allergic to so we can feed him our food.


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