23 April 2010


"Kah... oooo... dah," Woodjie tells me as he writes the letters. And yes, C says "kah," and O says "oo," and D says "dah," doesn't it?? I am encouraging him to write his letters and he can identify many letters as long as I am not quizzing him on his letters (he hates that). He can draw pictures if he wants to (they resemble the mitten and alien family, very cute), but if I were to ask him to please draw a happy face, it won't happen. S is his fave letter, but he can't write it yet. It looks like he is trying in the top picture, but S is even harder than the "bah" he has written (the letter that looks like an 8). Maybe he will be literate before he speaks? How do you teach someone who doesn't SPEAK to WRITE? Where is he getting this from? We just keep exposing him to things around us and are surprised at what he picks up sometimes.


  1. I see a Clear D and a C in that picture. Not easy for little hands.

    Way to go woodjie..

  2. You're doing what works for all of you :)
    And letters are only organised chaotic scribbles ;)

  3. Looks to me like he's doing pretty well with the drawing! Go Woodjie!


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