10 June 2010

Making a Hello Kitty Doll

Did I mention Emperor has a thing for Hello Kitty? He sewed this doll from a kit we got at Jo-Ann fabric store. He takes this little dolly about everywhere with him, puts it with some of his other dollies, and builds houses for them. He also has an extensive tinkertoy gun collection for Hello Kitty. Apparently Kitty is VERY BIG into the whole idea of defending fortresses and testing launching weapons. (I guess she is in the red jumper militia.)


  1. What a great job!
    Love the mosaics, too :)

  2. Okay, so I recently got a ThinkGeek catalog and saw this. I immediately thought of Emperor...


  3. OMG--I had big laugh at Luke's post. That is hysterical. I love Emperor's Hello Kitty doll. He is so talented! What I loved even more is that Hello Kitty is a tactical weapons expert. That is such a boy thing! Awesome!


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