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Hello! :)


It's been hard to settle down to write. Woodjie can not only climb over the gate, he can climb over it in less than TWO seconds. One of G's workers observed that he can jump over it "like a little deer."

So... I know it doesn't seem like it should take that much time to teach him to "Quit doing that!" but it DOES. It just DOES.

Woodjie runs like wildfire, careens down the stairs and emerges with the toilet plunger. That is his fave thing to steal and run around with, though sometimes he'll operate the television or grab the giant blue ball and try to "hide" it behind the couch as though Mom would never notice.

Good grief. He does this WHILE I'M WATCHING, but I can TELL that he waits and times it so that I am indisposed changing Rose's diaper or dealing with other chaos. And he has the biggest smile, like he's getting away with something. And he's going to get hurt or lost at this rate! Arg.

Anyway, we're working on it. Often.

Lately when I have a calm moment, I just like to sit near him and loudly announce that I'm so happy that I will never have to deal with another "Blondie kiss" again, because those are so frightening. Almost without fail, Woodjie will sneak up on me and smooch my cheek, and I pretend to be very scared of the horrendous "Blondie." He loves scaring me. I get hugs during this game, too.

In homeschool time, Elf and Emperor had an assignment to write about how they can do better at home. One of my homeschoolers punched me the other day... and it had better never happen again. They were both pretty naughty. I know this probably never happens in your home and that your children would never even think of hitting Mom out of anger. Maybe you'd better read another blog, because our family strives for Christlikeness but fails quite frequently.

Emperor's entry:

"The Bible, in Exodus, tells about honoring parents. Because in the Bible there are ten commandments. One of them is, honor your parents. There's also don't worship Idols. Don't commit adaltry, Don't lie, Don't murder. Don't steal. and Ect. I disobeyed honor your parents. Eventally when I did it to much, Mom took my cuddly wuddly Torchic. And Dad (disciplined) me! I got sent to bed for the rest of the day. I can have Torchic back at tuesday morning. I'm very close to nine. and if I keep it up me and Moms friendship will be cut off. But today I'm writing this very Paper because Mommy said so. But I'm obeying my parent so I'm obeying Jesus Christ. I'm sure I'tll never happen ever again."

Elf's entry:

"I can be a help by watching the babies for my mom. I can be a help by obeying my mom, for example, if she tells me to eat lima beans, (witch I'm sure she wouldn't do that) I will eat them (Mabe not). I will do whatever she says. Thank you mom! You have done so much for me and I haven't been so nice to you mom so tell me what I have to do and I will do it.

The end."

So... should I get some lima beans out just to see what will happen? I love my children... I really do. I hope they learn to BE NICE soon, because we've had too many crabby woozles of late here. :)


  1. You've got great kids, you're so blessed :)

  2. I don't know what you are doing wrong over there. My children come down the stairs quietly in single file every morning and present themselves for inspection after brushing their teeth and scrubbing their fingernails. Sometimes I have to urge them to play and make noise because they are just so considerate of Mommy. My son totally did NOT have a BIG problem with me yesterday because he shoved me when I would not give him a stupid m&m. And I totally do NOT send my husband emails all day at work detailing what goes on around here. And I CERTAINLY do not ever use any profanity.

    Because my children are ANGELS and NEVER give me any trouble at all.

    (I could go on like this, but I'm not any closer to convincing myself...are you buying it?)

  3. And my teenagers never ever mouth off. Ever. Not even once.They are always perfectly obedient and never, ever back talk or give dirty looks. (Man! I'm going to have to say a lot of Hail Marys over that whopper and I'm not even Catholic).

    Hitting mom earned pretty serious consequences at our house too--doled out by an (charmingly protective) irate father upon the oldest when he was small. After that, older siblings saw to it that younger ones got the message as well. "Ya don't hit girls. But ya especially don't hit MOM!"

  4. ...I disobeyed honor your parents. Eventally when I did it to much...

    hehe I am giggling away at Elf's letter.

  5. Good on Woodjie for keeping you on your toes!

  6. I think the crabby woozles have been making the rounds lately. I got a head butt from the younger 2 year old the other day that left a huge bruise and made Momma cry.

  7. Awwww, gosh they are such lovable kiddos. Their letters are adorable and I can tell they love their Mama and respect you very much. Emperors entry is so well written for 9 years old! Way to go guy! Elf reminds me of Big Brother totally!


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