28 August 2010

Mom's Mathy Girl

"Wa... two... fie... fee!"

Not quite, Rose. I take the markers out of the container and count slowly, putting them away. "One... two... three... four... five... six!" Now it's her turn. This child understands what is expected of her, and picks up a marker.

"Wa... feee... fouwa.. fie!" And she claps for herself.

Awww. Great job, Rose! Try putting more than ONE marker away, though, next time. Counting sorta goes that way.  See this one? That's "one." Then you add this one and it's "two." Rose holds out her hands and nods as if to say, yep. I've got it. Hand over the markers and watch how it's done.

She picks up the second marker I gave her and says, "Two!"   Yes... but... can you start with "one?" I put a marker away before THIS marker became "two."

"Ee-le-le-lowwww." Yes, it's YELLOW, but it's ONE. One yellow marker.

"Ah-ah-ahhhh," Rose says, Count-style. Getting off track here.  Well, I will give you three markers. Can you count them?

"I doe knowww," she says, with a ditzy shake of her piggy tails and her little hands out in a "no clue" stance. "Ah just a gooowl."  And she gives me a sneaky, chubby-faced smile.

I had no clue girls were that bad at mathematics by their very nature.


  1. lol... I am horrid at maths too! Thanks goodness someone invented the calculator!

  2. Cute post. I'm not very good with math either!

  3. Hi, first time reader. I really like the posts I've read. This one was so cute. I love the things that kids say.

  4. hahahaha....that is so cute...i am terrible at math, but intend to learn all over again with my children! she will get the hang of it at some point(:

  5. I love how you write out her 'isms' and pronounciations. Too sweet!


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