26 August 2010

Quiet Afternoon

Elf and Emperor are learning to play Senet, an ancient Egyptian game, while Woodjie is away at preschool.  That's also when I have time to do strange things like eat lunch, organize my materials for the next day, and play with a strange little creature in my living room.  Isn't she cute?  She gets into some things and needs some reminders, but isn't constantly pinball-running, climbing, screeching and throwing stuff.  Yes... when Woodjie is out at preschool, the house is (relatively) quiet.  He goes for a few hours four times a week.  He comes home smelling sweaty and his shoes are full of playground sand, but he does look forward to seeing the "zus."


  1. WOW, look how big she is! She is Adorable Mrs. C. :)

  2. Aww--quite times are so nice. Hey, is that Buzz Lightyear in the Little People dollhouse? Olivia would love that! She has the same house, but no Buzz. And there is nothing like a little sand in the shoes to make a little kid happy! Love you Mrs C!

  3. 'Rose' is in a dress! and wearing PINK!!!! Wonders will never cease. lol
    Glad you get a break long enough to do stuff ... like eat lunch!


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