22 August 2010

News Roundup!

Rainbow Flag Academy is a top-scoring private school in Farleyville, California.  That's why Becca and Tracey Meekum sought to enroll their daughter, Bailey, for the fall session.

"We wanted a lower student-teacher ratio than Bailey would be getting in our local public school," said Becca, a homemaker and former public schoolteacher.  "We knew that the Rainbow Flag Academy would ensure that rigorous education we were looking for."

The Meekums filled out the application to the Academy, but failed to specify that they were Christians to the admissions board.  The Academy is a "pro-gay, pro-tolerance, extremely left-leaning liberal, liberal, liberal arts school," according to the school website.

The school accepted Bailey, and she was slated to begin next week.  But there was a mix-up. 

School officials claim that the Meekums were less than forthright on the application, which has spaces only for two fathers or two mothers under the "parent or guardian" blanks.  The school assumed that Tracey was a second mother to Bailey, when in fact he is her biological father.  Staff figured that out during the "back-to-school" night the school held last week.

The school then sent notice to the Meekum family that Bailey was, in fact, not a good candidate for the school.  It refunded the $4,000 deposit and informed them that "what we teach at Rainbow Flag Academy is going to be inconsistent with your worldview."

Tracey Meekum stated that the family is, in fact, Christian, but is trying to hide its light under a bushel during school hours so that Bailey can go to the school with the really high test scores.  "What would it profit me," he said despondently, "if I were to raise a child who knew the Lord and walked in His Truth, but she couldn't gain the 'whole world' because her test scores were too low?  What then?"

Ok, that isn't quite how the real story went... but I have to wonder about the family in this article's REAL motivation for causing a stink about this in the news.  I honestly don't get it.Whyyy would you want to send your child to a school that DIRECTLY teaches children that YOUR family's lifestyle is wrong?  Actually, that's probably unfair of me to say.  I send some of my children to public school, you know.  :)

In other news, and good grief, I couldn't make this stuff up...

In other news, Wal-Mart is gonna be able to track its merchandise for years after it leaves the store.  That's right.  It's going to put RFID chips into about everything.  You'd have to cut the tags off before you brought ANYTHING home if you didn't want the guys back in corporate to know you've been drinking again.  Or that your wife wears a 3x.  Or that bag of chips?  That DVD?  That can of formula?  They could track everything you bought and where you brought it after you left the store.

Which is AWESOME, on the off chance that you are a murder suspect and are somehow able to use this odd evidence to clear your name... but how often does that happen to you?  How else could this "data" be used?

Seriously, I never would have believed it if you'd have shown me this news story 10 years ago.  I'm not a paranoid type... I *still* am not sure whether I believe this story or not. 

Ok.  One more story I want to share.  I know you do this all the time so that you can post videos on YouTube, but the cops want you to know that speeding at hugely reckless speeds so that you can conjure up a ghost that will chase you on the highway?  Is a dangerous thing to do.  And they want you to know that they have pretty lights, too.


  1. I do not understand how those RFID thingamabobs work, but that creeps me out, yo.

    Plus also, I agree with you on the private school thing. Private school means PRIVATE. If they need someplace more inclusive, that's what public school is for. Excellent satire from Mrs. C.

  2. One more reason to not shop at Wal-Mart. My Target is being remodeled to have a more extensive grocery section, so there would be no reason for anyone to shop at Wal-Mart anymore in my neighborhood. :)


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