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Thanks, Blondee!

Blondee and I have only "known" each other for a few weeks now, but already she has shared an award with me!  Isn't that cool?  Don't you love getting to know new friends?  I'm supposed to pass this on to other bloggers... but I'm really hoping something different will happen.  I'm hoping that I can convince some of my lurkers to de-lurk for just a sec, post this award on their blog and leave a comment inviting me to come by and say howdy.

Promise I won't act all normal at first, and later try to convert you to Wicca and talk about my "revirginization miracle" or anything like that.  (Yes... public high school acquaintance.  I was in the remedial English classes - public school teachers recognized my lack of ability - and was assigned the seat next to hers. It was... interesting.)

So annnnyway... here are the rules:  Copy the flower to your hard drive to re-award it in your own blog. Mrs. C adds:  if you're a guy and want to accept this award but need to balance the "look" of your acceptance post by surrounding the picture with flaming death skull or medieval sword pictures, that is ok, too.  In fact, it would make the flower look really tuff to stand up to all that.

Rule 1- Post a link back to the person who awarded the Sunshine to your blog giving them thanks.  Ok.  Did that.  Oh, wait.  THANKS!

Rule-2 Pass the award onto blogs you love. No more than 15 blogs, please!  Ok.  Did that.  Should I worry that more than 15 people will copy/paste this award?  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Rule-3 Share 7 things about yourself.  Oh, boy.  Here goes: 

1.  I am traumatized by Cheetos.  A few years back, my husband thought it would be *really* funny to eat a bunch of these and follow me around the kitchen, burping because it grosses me out and makes me feel sick to hear BIG, loud, horrid wet burps.  I kept telling him to quit it.  But did he stop?  Ohhh, no.  He kept snorting with laughter, following me around and burping.  I was finally on my way out of the kitchen in a huff when he burped SO BIG that he threw up allll over me.  Cheetos are evil.

2. I can read and write well, but cannot seem to follow verbal directions.  I worked at McDonald's for a whopping six weeks.  More than once I was asked incredulously if I really were a college student, home on break.  I also get lost easily.  My mom once said I couldn't find my way out of a wet paper bag.  I'm not sure if that meant I would drown in a wet paper bag, or what.  And whyyy would I be in a wet paper bag?  Yep.  Verbal directions.  Can't do 'em.

3.  I am an absolute YoVille nut.  I have a beautiful yacht, Moroccan castle, Hollywood apartment, Gothic home, Cape Cod home and American-themed trailer.  I also am VERY well-put together, with matching clothes.  I have over $35,000.  Well... in YoVille.  In real life, I pair old green sweatpants that have BROWN paint on the butt (I backed into it when I was painting the kitchen; I'm sure it's a conversation starter when I leave places lol).  And flip-flops.  And a red purse.  And I go out like that.  I don't care about what I look like in REAL life, but my YoVille character gets new outfits and hairstyles pretty frequently.

4.  My house has a giant painted elephant in the living room.  D HATED it when I first painted it.  Now he says that he is so attached to it that I may NEVER paint over it.  No matter what.  It's his favourite picture in the house.  So maybe he will grow to love the Polish pottery I got earlier this year and think it's the greatest stuff ever.  Maybe he will get me a new set of matching plates and cups for Christmas because he LOVES IT SO MUCH by then.  You never know.  :)

5.  I am VERY SCARED of sunflowers.  Sunflowers look like giant eyeballs, and they are terrifying.  I can pretend not to be scared of them or even say, "My! What pretty sunflowers!" if I'm trying to be polite to someone who has these... things... in her garden.  But I can't get too close to them. 

 My uncle used to be very afraid of tulips.  They look like giant mouths that will come and eat him.  Many of my children have struggled with fear of dandelions.  I suppose if you have to have a phobia, these are the sorts you're going to want to have.  Most children don't think it's funny to try to scare others with *flowers.*  Just think of all the teasing we avoided by having odd fears...

6.  I used to be awful at mathematics until I had to teach it to Elf.  Now that I am learning mathematics, I can go step by step and it's not so terrible.  I can even do some math problems in my head.  Before, I'd start to get a headache just looking at papers that would require addition and subtraction.    YAY for homeschooling!

7.  I never go to a hairdresser. I wouldn't know how to do the small talk or how much to leave for a tip. I have also heard stories about people getting their um... people having hair removed in weird ways and I don't want to see that.  (WHO thought of that???  And who tried that first?  And they don't go to their family doctor for that?  Just whoever has an appointment open??) 


  1. I got a good giggle out of this :)

  2. I love reading your posts! I always get a BIG laugh...I am happy that I know you better now(: I hope you have a blessed day Mrs.C!

  3. You're welcome!

    I am now done with Cheetos for life after your number 1. Blech!!! lol

  4. I am soooooooooo not going to look at Cheetos as a food source ever again LOL.

  5. I am really glad we don't have cheetos out here. What are they anyway?


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