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Cupcake Update

The bakery that refused to fill an order for a homosexual group faces eviction from the city-owned building in which it operates.  Story here.

Actually, this makes perfect sense.  If I own a building, and I clearly state as a rental condition that you are not to run a business that discriminates based on this or that, and you do it?  You're outta there.  But I'm not sure if such a local ordinance is even Constitutional, given what's going on in Arizona with the state laws/ immigration situation.  (Maybe Arizona AND this city are acting within their bounds.  Not sure.)  I'm not entirely clear on this idea that cities have the right to create a protected class of citizens... to my knowledge, this has been the federal government's purview/ see 14th Amendment/ but I'm not a lawyer so there ya go. 

And by the way, I'm not saying that to be snarky.  I don't see any specific "equal rights for women" in the Constitution, either.  Voting isn't everything... or at least, it doesn't CODIFY everything.  Interesting that no one is really looking for specific equal rights for women to be spelled out in the Consititution without much talk about transgender people using the bathrooms and molesting children.

Maybe I'm a secret closet-y liberal.  I think women should have equal rights on paper, and that the bathroom and military service red herring arguments can be worked out relatively easily.

But back to cupcakes... I do know that when you rent from someone and don't own, you can run into all kinds of problems, and nevermind the politics.  As an aside, I think that when churches operate under the 501 (c) thing, they stifle themselves politically and (consequently) morally.  Only think of the things your pastor wants to say but cannot when he's on that stage. 

Any time you entangle yourself with government, the tail can wag the dog so to speak.  I'm starting to wonder if those Mennonites aren't right in not getting involved with worldy politics and whatnot.  But then... isn't that just what would help evil people win elections?

Well, I just thought I'd pop on and give everyone an update on the Rainbow Sprinkles post.


  1. This was a funny post. Maybe you are a closet liberal. Being a liberal isn't a sin.

    I especially enjoyed this part:

    Any time you entangle yourself with government, the tail can wag the dog so to speak. I'm starting to wonder if those Mennonites aren't right in not getting involved with worldy politics and whatnot. But then... isn't that just what would help evil people win elections?

    I've harbored the same thought and came to the same conclusion myself on a number of occasions.

  2. Morning chick.. yes I did indeed recently make a cupcake table runner (funny as your post today is kinda about cupcakes!)... but I gave it to a friend as a birthday present. Most of my 'creations' are for gifts to others... so it was nice to make something for myself for a change.!

  3. Oh yes.. if you rent a building which has specific 'rules' then you should abide by them. Though I think making cupcakes for ANYONE would be OK in my book.
    We are all just PEOPLE at the end of the day.
    Well ... except for truly evil people who go murdering and so on... they don't deserve cupcakes! lol
    Oh man... I'm so ill I am not making much sense today.

  4. Who would think that the world might have unsavory-wannabe-cupcake-buyers? It probably never crossed the bakery owners mind when he signed the rental agreement that he just might get booted for not being willing to sell his wares to a group of kids.

  5. Blondee, that "group of kids" is a pro-homosexual organization. I can see where the owner could have a genuine problem with the sale.

    I could also see where the owner of the building would have some justification for evicting its tenant if the agreed-upon rules were violated.

    But I hope he's able to set up shop somewhere else. It really seems that the organization is making a mountain out of a molehill. They got their order filled somewhere else. WHY is it so important for them to ruin his business and make him an "example" to others?

    I think they're trying to indimidate people. The comments in the previous story strongly hint at this. In the end, it isn't really about the cupcakes.

  6. I understand who they were, I read the article. :)

    The irony of the whole story!

  7. As an aside, I think that when churches operate under the 501 (c) thing, they stifle themselves politically and (consequently) morally.



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