04 October 2010

Little Cranberries

D laughed when he saw this cranberry topiary in my cart.  But I think it looks nice with my Polish pottery bowl as a fall dining room centerpiece.  Perhaps it looks odd in the bowl, but since I have a collection of the same pattern roundabout it isn't quite so odd.  I don't think, anyway.  Well... it was $2.  Maybe I just need more stuff in the middle of the table, but during homeschool time, there are bunches of books and papers.  Hm.  Ok, maybe I am not sure what I am doing after all.  I thought it looked just fine a minute ago!  Now I'm thinking I need to find a brown bowl.  Then, when I get the brown bowl, I will likely swear I need something orange to go with the brown and red for fall.  Then... I will think it doesn't go with my Polish pottery, which is the central theme on this floor!  Ahhh... the decorating troubles a $2 fake cranberry topiary can cause. It's kind of looking too Fourth-of-Julyish now to my eyes.  I will probably have to buy $150 worth of stuff to surround it with so that I can achieve the perfect look.  (I'm kidding, D!!) 
Update:  Ok.  Going with first inclination and adding some family and candles so the plant doesn't look so lonely.  It's actually a deeper, more cranberry red in real life.


  1. I think it looks nice. And it's best to stick with your first inclination. Second guessing is a dizzy cycle.


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