21 December 2010

A Disturbing Post - A Story in Pictures.

This is the potty that Elf and Emperor built. Note flush lever. Symmetry. Choice of blue for bowl contents.

Ummm... yeah. Elf and Emperor then add brown bricks.

Next: the plunger. We live in an old house, ok? What did you expect the next step to be? Flush it and forget it?


  1. My husband, the toilet salesman, would approve!

    Love the plunger! That's what happens when you build your toilets out of Duplos . . .

  2. If they lived in my house, they would also likely have a bunch of bricks floating around a "drain" as well... our old pipes a full of roots and clog every 6-8 months, causing the laundry room to flood.

    It costs a lot to have them cut out the roots, but it'd be even more to have them re-lay the pipe.



  3. Those boys are hilarious! That is definitely a Royal Throne.

  4. LOL!!

    I love it! This is the first smile I've had all day! Thank you!

    *And I must add, my word verification on this post is 'apoti'....how perfect and strange is THAT?

  5. I've never before seen legos used like this. Your kids are so creative.

    @Luke; are you in Australia? There's a product called "rootox", flushed down the toilet once a month, it kills the roots that have invaded the pipes. must be kept up though, it's not a "once and forget" thing. Available from hardware stores, a monthly expense, yes, but cheaper that digging up and replacing the pipes.


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