05 February 2011

At Least We Didn't Have Justin Bieber

I swear, that fella sounds like a girl. But an old (ok, young like me!) friend reminded me on facebook that we had Milli Vanilli. Here they are, in a video featuring rotary phones. :) Can anyone clue me in to what the sniffing and booger blowing at the beginning really means??


  1. Haha, i love that video, it was awesome! The 80s rock ... You should listen to "You can do magic" by America .. great song! But you probably have heard it alread :) still ... love the song ;D

    As for the intro of the video, idk wat any of that meant, it was the 80s ... and people were wierd :P (thats why my mom says i missed my era, haha)

  2. Ahhh, but we didn't really *have them*, they were lip synching. So, while we did have their manly hand holding whilst jumping back and forth, and the solid nose wipe suggesting they just snorted something other than a Vicks' nasal decongestant stick....we didn't have their voices.

  3. My husband and I watched that! Love the old phones

  4. karrots wanted to know what they were doing...got an itch?? lol!


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