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I think I can talk a little about it now. G jumped over a mat and fell badly, crushing the bones in his ankle. He is now patched up with screws and plates and is home in bed. But it was a long week.

Do you have your flu shot? I don't recommend shots often... but get one if you can. There were people with vomit all over themselves coming in, people retching, shuffling, holding barf bags... ugh. Telling you, the ER made NO EFFORT to separate the sick from the well in the waiting area. Terrible. We were waiting three hours before even going back to wait some more and see a doctor.

A total of a day and a half before the surgery even happened. They told us that the orthopedist on call is the one who must perform the surgery, and all these people kept having car wrecks. :(

G is now able to climb stairs and use the restroom alone, but he can't bathe yet. He is using a walker and a wheelchair. I guess when you're really tall, crutches are particularly hard. There are "tall" walkers out there, which I didn't know. His does not have tennis balls. It is our walker to keep so I am thinking of decorating with flaming death skulls or whatever else young men think is kewl. Bummer the wheelchair is a rental or it would likely get pinstriping. :)

G is very sad because this happened literally two hours before his first official tennis practice. He was going to be on the team. All his friends- the buddies he hangs out with at lunch- are going to be on without him. Here's hoping he has a speedy recovery and finds something else with which to occupy his time. There IS always next year. :)


  1. SO sorry to hear this! And, ick and eeeeew to the pukey ER waiting room. Prayers for quick healing!

  2. OH NO poor G! And poor you having to cope having an invalid in the house. I have never had a flu shot btw... cos I've never ever had the flu!

    I hope G makes a good recovery.

  3. This really sucks! I think G would have been one of the best players on the team, he was so committed to excellence! I am getting my physical today so I haven't even been able to do ANYTHING yet ... Ugh, It's gonna be good though.

    I just hope G does get better soon, I also hope our weekend plans are halted ... I talked to G 2nd hour, the day he hurt his foot, and told him I can probably arrange a movie night at might house (oh yea, maybe I should ask my parents ...) Lets hope we can at least do SOMETHING! :(

  4. Lord, I ask that You heal G quickly. May the surgery have cleared everything up without any further complications. Keep the whole family healthy despite the germs. And please give everyone the grace and patience they need to get through this time of added complication. Amen.

    Hang in there, G! I'm sorry to hear you missed Tennis tryouts.


  5. I'm sorry to hear this! What a bummer all the way around. I hope there is a speedy and full recovery.

    Surgery! On your baby! How awful.

  6. OH MY GOSH! I'm sorry you are going through all that. How incredibly painful for him. :( Poor guy.

  7. I am so glad he's okay. How stressful!

  8. That's too bad! I hope he heals very quickly. Decorating the walker is a great idea though!

  9. Oh so sorry to hear about this. No fun for G or Mom. Bless your hearts!

  10. So sorry! Pray for a quick healing without complications, genius in figuring out how to get daily life accomplished and full range of motion when it is all said and done!


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