04 March 2011

Dear Customer,

At (bankname), we continually work to keep our customer information accurate and up-to-date. As one of our valued customers, we are contacting you regarding your (bankname) account listed below.

Our records reflect that there has been no activity initiated by you in this account since 02/19/09. We are offering you a simple way to notify us of your plans to keep this account active. (Directions given here.)

In order to keep your account active, it is important that you respond as soon as possible. The reason we ask for a timely response is due to the fact that we are legally required to remit the funds to the state for accounts that remain inactive for an extended period of time. We are notifying you to protect your funds from possible remittance to the state.

(Make sure to verify your address, blah blah blah.)

If you have any questions, please call us at (number). We appreciate your business and would like to continue serving your banking needs.

(Well. Wouldn't it be nice if *I* could pass a law stating that all inactive accounts become my property?? WHERE and WHY does the state come into this? And we're talking a TWO year gap, not a 100 year gap. Even taking money from a 20-year-old inactive account sort of sounds like STEALING to me.

The exception to this would be an express agreement between the business and customer that, say, inactive accounts are remitted to the bank after five years or whatever after reasonable contact efforts are made. After all, it does cost something to keep things on the books.But the state? Taking a child's $5.11 savings account? Patrick is upset and says he never trusted banks, etc. etc. Seriously, he is not happy about this note addressed to his parents and himself.)


  1. Nothing surprises me anymore. The government is out of control and thinks it can do anything it wants. Why? Because we have let them. Sickening.

  2. That's just wrong! I think I'll just hide my money under my bed. It sounds like it would be safer there.

  3. Weird?

    We haven't used banks in a long time. I am just tired of all the problems with banks.

  4. I would sumbit that to the local news and let Patrick be interviewed. See if the policies change! :/

  5. I can't believe they can actually do that.

  6. So, has he walked into the bank to demand they give him his money?

    I'd better check on the accounts my boys have up here in Alaska. Since they've deposited in the last 6 months, we should be safe. But, I know from past experience that they often just let money sit for 9 months or more.

  7. Been this way for 200+ years. It's under the escheatable property laws - which vary state by state. All you need to do is show up at the bank once in a while :) Dad


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