11 April 2011


Um, this news story is a "debate about the best way to promote healthy eating for children??"

No. It isn't. This news story is about GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY KID AND MY WALLET. As in, I'm the parent. As in, if I want to send my kid 5 Hershey bars and a soda with his lunch every now and then, it's none of your dang business. I don't care about "promoting healthy eating for children." Although I'm certainly not against healthy eating... I mean, I'm for "good toileting habits" as well, but aside from my autistic child who has NEVER been able to poop on the potty and needs help with diapers, I'm going to say that my kids' wiping habits are none of your dang business, either.

And I'll tell you something. Bad potty hygiene is a LOT more dangerous than not eating your vegetables for a meal or two.

And whatever happened to a "free and appropriate education" for all children? If I'm forced to buy the school lunch, that isn't "free." You might argue that I would have to provide a meal for my kid... and I'd agree. If that meal contains five Hershey bars and the other kids at school get all jealous, tough crap.

Actually as it is, I have an underweight child I'm constantly trying to feed extra. It's true. The school nurse is kind enough to keep the snacks I send each month on hand so my child can have extra food during the day and not lose weight.

Has it ever occurred to ANYONE making these policies that there are underweight children as well? Or children with food allergies? I have a child allergic to milk and eggs. Is he restricted to eating the salad and then throwing the milk that comes with the lunch into the trash?

When are people going to stand up to stuff like this? I mean really stand up. None of this namby-pamby "I promise to bring healthy lunches to school" stuff. How about "my lunch, my body, my choice?" :P Blehh.

Now, just as an aside, I do sympathise with the fact that it can be hard to limit children's food intake. I got a shock at the ER the other day; Elf is 104 pounds. He will not be "dieting," but in the future, I won't be feeding him five sandwiches like his underweight brother gets, either. Common sense.


  1. Amen sister. If "choice" is good enough for abortion and marriage, surely I can choose my kid's lunch, to wear my seatbelt and wear a helmet. Enough of the micromanaging!

  2. I agree completely!

    It's absolutely ridiculous!

  3. My husband and I were talking about this. They are justing dictating more and more...

  4. I'm working on a blog post about this news article, too! Great minds rant alike. :-)

  5. Great post! You are right yet again.

  6. I agree with you too. I'm so glad my kids all finished school before all this healthy hoo-ha started. I'm appalled at teachers inspecting lunch boxes and tossing out what they consider to be unhealthy items.

  7. As in... how can this even be legal. First, I can make a healthy lunch for cheaper than the daily lunch cost at school. How can someone tell me how to spend my food budget?

    Where is the PTA and why aren't they screaming?


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