09 June 2011

Happy Birthday, Elf!

It's coming up soon, and together with the check Nana and Grandpa sent, we were able to buy him two four-piece sets of Polish pottery from Blue Rose Pottery! Not pictured are the dessert plates, which are simply smaller than the large plates. Elf will now be able to eat every meal on his very own Polish Pottery. It is what *every boy wants* for his birthday and Christmas. Elf picked this out himself; it is his favourite design. Emperor has picked out a very intricate ($$!) set for his birthday, so he will get only one set. D says when the boys are older and leave the house, they can take their dishes with them. OK. So I need to get them interested in towels and flatware next? And can you believe the tiny Elf will be 11 this weekend? And that he doesn't want to be called Elfie McMelfie any more in public? He even says he is *not an elf at all.* I know. It's shocking.


  1. THANKS for the pressies, Nana and Grandpa! :)

  2. The boy has good taste! Love the dishes!!

    Happy Birthday Elf!

  3. Thanks, Susan! I think it's pretty cool, too, esp. with fourth of July coming up!

    I love 'em too, Blondee! It's pretty much the least expensive you can buy, but still very cheerful and of course the pottery is the same no matter the design. I think he will enjoy this for many years. :)

  4. Oh My Goodness!!!! He doesn't want to be called Elf anymore? I seem to remember a little boy who INSISTED 100% he was an Elf! Wow he's growing up.


  5. I like the design on that pottery.
    I allowed my kids to take their favourite dishes too, along with their towels and bedlinen, anything they wanted really, since I'd have no use for something that had been theirs their whole life.

    Happy Birthday non-Elf.

  6. Chris, I'm amazed about it, too. For now, he is not asking for a new blog nickname. Which is good. Drives me nuts when people keep changing their kids' nicknames and I can't keep them straight. Or worse, call them dd3 as in dear daughter age 3. WELL keep the blog around long enough and have enough kids? No one but the author will know who is who after a few years.

    River, what a sweet comment! I can't imagine Elf actually ever leaving my house. At least he says he never will. :)

  7. Happy birthday to Elf!

    I thought I was the only one who gave dishes to my son. He like the blue onion or blue nordic pottery. He'll take it with him, also.

  8. Yay! We're not the only ones out there! :)

  9. He's not an elf anymore? That must be bittersweet...

    Happy Birthday!


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