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Money Makin' Idea

You know those cute little "chubby board books" for tiny hands? There's nothing like snuzzling with a milk- and baby shampoo-smellin' tot and telling him, "Oh, lookit the BEAR. Big brown bear! Bear says, 'Roar!'"

Too tame for today's kids though. The stuff in the "Young Adult" section is amazingly horrid now (OH MY GOODNESS, you've been warned, but here's the link). You know it's going to trickle down to the toddlers soon enough. It won't be long before babies learn about incest, rape, and how Joey has two daddies and a sperm donor.

Ok, seriously? It's already started to happen. Can you imagine reading this book and telling your preschooler to get the F to sleep? No, really. Amazon sells it. Is there anything Amazon does NOT sell?


  1. Is it just me, or did OTHER people also get perverted "suggestions" when they clicked through? Things I might also enjoy, according to this Amazon search, are the "Baby Mix Me a Drink" and "All My Friends are Dead" board books.

    I crap you not.

  2. That is just horrid. There were a few other ones too. I can't believe that people are actually buying this.

  3. I saw a review of that book on the blog leading the Top 25 Faith blog vote. Personally, I can't see ever reading a book like that to my children. Now...if there are adults who want to buy it for their own personal pleasure....whole different ball game.

    Of course, I'm a fuddy dud when it comes to cursing. I don't do it and expect my kids to work on better ways to communicate their frustrations. That being said, the boys are in a spree of testing out the language again. It's just so prevelant in society (and that's where my boys picked it all up.)

  4. Auntie B and Laura, I'm concerned not so much that adults are buying this and reading it as a joke (though $20? Seriously? For that?), but that this will be placed on the baby shelves in the library and we'll have culture wars where they really aren't needed.

  5. I have to admit, when I was in 6th grade to be exact, the school librarian would recommend reading for us. She told the class that new V.C. Andrews books had arrives, along with a few others. I found one called 'Flowers in the Attic'. She never balked at my borrowing it, nor did she contact my parents. If that were MY kid, I would have been livid! Those books are all about incest, sexual abuse, fantasy sexual ideation, and every book in her series is like that. I cannot believe that a school would house books like that, an elementary school anyway. But nothing was ever said, I read the book, leared a WHOLE lot of language and terms I had never heard before and returned it.

    I am not surprised Amazon would see the 'F' book...Amazon is the same pimp that I blasted on my own blog for selling the child molesters guide to 'selecting' the perfect child. A book on grooming and selecting your ultimate victim, as well as how to violate the child without getting charged with the 'bad charges' if you're caught. Disgusting filth that shouldn't be published, let alone sold.


  6. I don't think anyone is reading this to their kids. It's an (expensive) joke for parents, as Happy Elf Mom says.

    Some turkey is making big bucks off this thing. I'm a little envious.

  7. Adults can be so selfish. The reason why I stopped watching the later versions of Shrek was because of too much adult "humor". Movies can be genuinely funny and be for kids (Toy Story, Up). I wonder if the young adult crowd turns to "house of horrors" fiction is because we are so selfish in having to be entertained that we force our kids to grow up too fast. Ug.

    "A children's book for grown-ups!" Sigh. No wonder our culture is getting more and more crass. Humph!

  8. Surely you're not lumping gay parenting in with rape and incest?

  9. Blondee, I remember reading some of that at 15 or 16 and still not "getting" it.

    FedUpMom, probably you are right. Maybe the "Go the F to Sleep" book would make an ideal baby shower present for the just-so snarky parent... I dunno. I guess the publisher just wants to make money.

    Tammy, I LOVE Shrek but not the extremeness of the adult-type humour. Ok to a certain point with the silly fart jokes but... meh.

    Babs, I think you're trying to start trouble and I don't suffer trolls very nicely. But just in case you popped by and were in any doubt... surely I am.

    Don't like it? Leave.


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