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After what I've been through, it drives me crazy to see weight loss blogs and "tips" on how to lose weight from people who are in, um, no position to give advice.

A long time ago, I was really smokin' it with the weight loss and I think then I went from about 220-something to 165 (I'm far bigger than 220 now, so don't ask). Now, you might think that 165 sounds kinda chubby still, but no. I was in the teeny size five things (size 5, for my height, is teeny) and people would tell me to QUIT IT ALREADY. I was, by the weight chart, exactly ONE pound overweight. One. I was exercising six miles a day and eating 1500 calories and I was one pound overweight.

Discouraging, a bit, but after speaking with my physician he said he was soooo not worried about it, ok?

Anyway, during that process (and it was a process that took about a year), I was on a weight-loss board. Those people eventually drove me NUTS and I left. The people who were doing the most talking were actually the largest. I'd check in every day or so, sometimes twice. You really get to know people on these things after a time. But yeah, every now and then I felt like telling these ladies to back away from the computer and get on the treadmill already.

But eventually I did speak out about the "culture" on this board. There were exercise contests and here I was going my six miles and it took me a little over two hours. I'd log two hours. Meanwhile, some other people counted activities like "going to the mall" as exercise and log six hours of exercise. And I went, sorry. That does NOT qualify as "exercise." SURE, it's more active than sitting there eating a bag of Doritos, but let's not fool ourselves, ok? That is not six freaking hours of exercise.

Well, I got told off. Who am *I* to say what qualifies as exercise anyway? And soon other people chimed in with things that are not usually considered exercise, but should be considered exercise for the purposes of this board. Things like vacuuming the house, doing the dishes, planting a garden, bla bla bla and *sex.*

Yes. Someone calculated how many calories she (allegedly) burnt during "yummy exercise" and logged that. Um. Then other people started joining in and giving time "exercised" in great detail. TMI, folks. Man.

I keep looking back and thinking, was I just a sour apple because I'd lose the exercise contest each and every week? Maybe. And there is a weight loss contest each week. I would lose maybe a pound or two each week. Other people in the 400's or so would lose ten pounds. I can't compete against that. Note: these folks usually gained most or more than all of that weight back in subsequent weeks. And sometimes we'd see people admit they fudged the figures and then whoops. Oh well, we support you no matter what, is what other folks on the board would say.

And I like support like that. And maybe I shouldn't grouse because it's all about support whilst losing weight. I lost the weight. So far as I know, only one other person on that board did.

I know weight loss is an intensely personal and difficult journey. I've done it before and I can do it again. Anyone who wants to join me, please feel free! I will try to post every Wednesday about my progress (or lack thereof!) and I'd love, love, LOVE to read your comments. I know the closer one gets to the weight loss "goal," the less weight comes off. Folks in the 400's are simply going to lose more starting out. It's a personal journey but we can share a little encouragement every now and then. :)


  1. Oh, oh, oh... I wish I lived close enough to exercise with you. I hate doing that alone.

    I need to lose weight. I am about 220 now. I am only 5'1". And, I am a stress overeater... so you know how I have been eating this last several weeks/months/years.


  2. I've never heard of a weight loss 'board' in they tried to bet on their weight loss??

    LOL'd that some would be crass enough to post that their sexual activities were their workout!

    So glad to see you are sticking with this and that the ticker is showing even MORE weight loss. Good for you!!!

  3. I don't know what board you were on, but there is a good one called Three Fat Chicks. There are some know it alls there, but a lot of people who have lost 70-100 pounds plus. It is pretty inspiring.

    I am on my own journey with weight loss and currently back on track with my 1500-1600 calories a day, but I am too dang hot to exercise. It is 100 degrees here just about every day!

    Good luck!

  4. Well ..if it makes you feel better, Gramps at near record 175 .. yeah I've been very, very bad and really must start to write down what I eat again
    It is not easy especially since I stopped smoking ....

  5. Julie, I'd love to exercise with you. At the same time, WHATEVER gets you through, I'm not gonna judge. You have a lot going on!

    Blondee, it's kind of a message board and rather like posting comments on a blog, and then reading the comments in order. Sort of an ongoing conversation like that.

    Hi, Mary! I have not heard of Three Fat Chicks and will have to google. :)

    YAY for you, Dad, on stopping the smoking! You should totally party like it's 1999 or something. What are you gonna buy with all the money you are saving?? New radio stuff??

  6. I will support you every step of the way mate.
    I too am on the 'weight loss' trial again... again.. again.

    It's hard though when so many of my friends have had weight loss surgery and go on and on about how much weight they have lost, how HARD it was/is...and I just see red cos anyone can lose a hundred pounds if they've had their stomach stapled! I feel like it's cheating in a way... ONLY MY OPINION... and they really don't deserve the credit for losing the weight? No, it's not sour grapes talking... it's just how I feel when they stand in my face all slim and gleeful about it.
    I can't and would never do the surgery... cos I'm stubborn and when I lose it I want to get all the credit, not some surgeon who cut me stomach out!
    Oh heck that sounds so bad... I like so many girls who have had Weight loss surgery too... just not how they went about losing it.
    For some people WLS is a way to avoid dying of obesity, I get that... and power to them.
    But don't get in my face and go on about how you did it with this amazing 'TOOL' called Weight Loss Surgery.
    So, there's me beef about WLS... perhaps after you have read this you can delete it so my comment does not upset anyone please?
    It's pretty much for you to read only.

  7. I have to lose weight, preferably 130, but will probably lose 70, and when I do, the hardest thing I will have to do is be happy with it. The last time I lost 70 lbs, I fell off because the scale stopped moving and gained it all back and then some.

    What I hate is when skinny people who have lost 20 pounds become a weight expert. Excuse me, but until you lost 100 pounds, you have no friken idea what it takes so shut up.

    In defense of fat diet experts, I know ALL the information... When people start giving me their weight loss tips I interrupt them and finish the sentence... doing it is much harder than knowing what to do.

  8. On the flip side, people tell me that I have nothing to say about weight control because I'm not overweight. But, actually, I think I do have some insight into health and weight control because I AM thin. But, that disqualifies me to speak on the subject. So......


  9. Chris, I hear ya. I know it can do wonders for some people but it's SURGERY. And some folks slowly eat more and more and yes you can actually figure out how to eat a lot even with the stapling and gain weight back. Sadly. If you get the surgery without looking at the root causes of food addiction, it isn't helpful. But people who are suddenly glamourous after losing the weight... well... don't wish that would be me b/c I would just be happy to be un-noticed. :)

    Andrea it's realllly hard, even when you know what to do! Your "coach" or "diet trainer" isn't there alone with you and the cake.

    Daja, it is sort of a catch 22. But if you've never been hugely fat, you don't know what it's like to be stuck that way. Then again, since I've never kept the weight off, as a fat person, I would have no idea about the usual "lifestyle" of the thin person.

    Maybe more it just stings to hear sometimes even if you are right... Even making small changes can be quite difficult. :)

  10. Gombojav Tribe, sorry to sound harsh, but I know that thin people know how to stay thin... sometimes I watch thin people eat to try to get insight. They seem to eat whatever they want, but they just magically stop with no urges to finish the lasagna, or cake, or hamburger. However, I have a hard time listening to skinny people because they seem to be judgmental and lacking in empathy. But if and when I get think you better believe I will find me a skinny sister to help me stay that way.

  11. meant to say... If I and when I get THIN I will find a skinny sister to help me stay that way.


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