01 July 2011

The Usual Small-Talk

Patrick is craning his neck and squinting to see inside the car going past us. "Ohhh... It's *them.* I know those guys," he remarked.

"Oh, that's nice," I told him.

"No, it isn't."

(What should I say to THAT?) "Well, do you know them from school or...?"

"I take NO responsibility for what they've done today," he stated emphatically.

"Well, you've been with me every hour today, except for one hour during which I left you with Emperor, and no way you'd get away with anything around him, so... I don't see why you are saying you won't take responsiblity for what they've done TODAY specifically."

"I also take no responsibility what. so. ever. for what they do on ANY day," he said.

Um, okayyy... how to recover this conversation... "What is it they do?"

"I do not have to answer that."

I participate in a large number of dead-end conversations along these lines.


  1. I guess they're not exactly "good guys" and good on Patrick for not wanting to be part of their group.

  2. I guess they're not! Honestly, I don't know a thing about them and didn't even see them in the car. I just feel I have odd and circular conversations with Patrick pretty frequently. ;)

  3. Just so we're clear, he's NOT responsible! I love it!

  4. He'd be awesome on a witness stand. Cagey, emphatic, honest and yet to the point all in one. lol


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