15 July 2011

Before... and After!

I know... lots of pictures coming at you this week. But I just had to share Miss Rose's new hairdo with you. Yes, I used the scissors on the kid and it turned out ok/not horrid. I am not sure when she wakes up and starts to live regular life if I put the part in the right place. To keep the hair out of her face, I have a knitted cap with a flower. She is very particular about having "hairbow" in the morning. She hates not having her hair up. It will be all new to her tomorrow. But she is enjoying the attention tonight. :)


  1. I remember taking the scissors to my girls too. There were some tears from the younger one who didn't realise it would look so different, (she was six), but mostly it turned out okay.

  2. She's precious. Great job on the haircut!! You'll have to update us in a few days how she likes it!

  3. It is still long enough to put a wee ponytail in the top with the front half ... so it's out of her face.


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