28 July 2011

A Trip.

Emperor and I are leaving. Friendly contest time. Prize is probably a postcard or something small I get there, and you can send me your address later if you "win." Not sure what's available in the hotel shop so I don't want to promise anything specific.

So where are we going? That's the contest. You tell me. Annnnd you have to be exact. Let's see if you can do it. Closest wins. I get to decide which entry is closest. Ready?? Here are some hints:

sunflower state

not closed

OK!!! I've practically TOLD YOU where we're going, so you have to be exact in your comments. Feel free to google away and good luck!

PS. In the event of more than one correct guess, names will be written on scraps of paper and tossed into a room where Woodjie is playing. The one he picks up first is the *winner!*


  1. PS THIS is why comments are moderated. SO you can be as complete as you wish in the comments... just don't include your address. I'll get that from you later if you win. :)

  2. I *love* this!!! Great clues!

  3. Okay, The Kansas Open Chess Tournament. Do I have to google it to see where it is or do I just get a pass?

  4. Ok, I think I have correctly Googled the answer..but then again I can be totally wrong!

    You guys are going to Overland Park, KS for the 2011 Kansas Open & Kansas Quick Championship..

    Let's see if I got it right! and if I did a post card would be right up my alley .. I usually get one from wherever I go :)

  5. Have fun! I have been to Strother via Wichita many times :)

  6. You've practically toldme where you're going and I still have no idea whatsoever.
    That's kinda sad...

  7. I know! I know!

    The 2011 Kansas Open & Kansas Quick Championship in Overland Park, Kansas

    And that is my final answer.

    Unless it's wrong.

    I hope he kicks major heiny!

  8. PS - The address is

    Ramada Inn
    7240 Shawnee Mission Parkway
    Overland Park, KS

    if that give me additional "closest guess" points.

  9. Several correct guesses are in my "comments waiting to be moderated" bin already...


Non-troll comments always welcome! :)