24 August 2011

Why Is This Controversial?

I don't know. Seems anything anyone wants to do is controversial.

Old lady wants to have "a shape," so she gets breast enlargements. She's 75. She says she's not fooling herself that she's all that like she was when she was young, but she doesn't want to look like a stick or an oatmeal box in her old age. I'm thinking that that is between you and your doctor. So long as I am not paying for it, I could care less HOW BIG your boobs are. Though seriously. Things like this raise the bar for the rest of us. Soon we will ALL need fake boobs as well as fake teeth. You watch! Even 20 years ago, no one "needed" a cell phone.

I guess the story itself isn't controversial (or shouldn't be), but I could not see myself talking about something like this in the news. Do you really want the little ones reading about Grandma's breast enlargement?


  1. Yep. But... the lady DID allow herself to be interviewed, so she's putting the story "out there" as it were. She's not the unwilling person who is forced into the news (carjacking victim, relative of deranged shooter, etc.). Otherwise, I agree completely! :)

  2. I wonder why anyone would want large breasts anyway. I look at silly Dolly Parton who must be more silicone than real flesh and think she is storing up trouble for herself. The girl at my high school who had very large breasts had them reduced as she said they could be very uncomfortable and bad for her neck etc.If all you can think about is how big your breasts are anyway you must not have enough real stuff to think about.


  3. Hi, Karnak! I have to wonder that this is "news" myself, that people are actually tracking these trends. At the risk of getting too detailed, I am imagining the woman featured is not looking to be HUGE but bigger than the Great Roller of Time has made her be and also to help her be more "perky."

  4. More power to her. Her body, her money, her goofy boobs sticking out like volcanoes when she's all slack in her casket when that day comes.


  5. Hey, the day comes for all of us. I'm not a hedonist (!!), but I don't have a problem with people making their own decisions about what they need to do to be happy within reasonable bounds. (No fair hitting puppies if it makes you happy, etc.)

  6. LOL...exactly! If she were wanting to hit puppies then I would definitely say 'No new boobs for you!'.

  7. Well... that would be an interesting criteria for surgery...

    Slip, "Do you enjoy hitting puppies?" in with the 558 other pre-op questions and see if anyone notices something's off...


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