22 August 2011

Kitty Klink

(Apparently popping a hand mirror over Hello Kitty's eye turns her into Colonel Klink.) You have to admit, our Hello Kitty is a pretty snazzy dresser. We bought this magnet set at the bookstore and popped it on the fridge. The younger children love dressing Hello Kitty after their meals. We also have a LeapFrog "farm" on the fridge. Woodjie's latest thing to do is to match silly pairs of things together (for example, a pig front end and horse back end) and then listen to the "silly" song that comes on. Or, he'll make a match and say, "Wook! I diy-yit! Dance a mee!" :)


  1. Omgosh, that sounds so neat! I should get some fun fridge magnets too for my kids. There are some really cool ones I had before that really helped my kids to read. I should track them down.

  2. I'm disappointed that these weren't around when my kids were little. All we had was numbers and alphabet letters. In bright colours of course, but still....

  3. Colonel Klink! We have the LeapFrog thing, and LOVE to mismatch them! more fun to do things "wrong".


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