07 September 2011

Rose Update!

Rose can now set up the board if you remind her that the queen goes on her colour and king goes on the e square. Here are the chess pieces and how they apparently move:

Knight: Just take a guess and then let Mom show me.

Bissip: goes diagonally, but I lose track of where I'm going.

Ponn: hops forward. Takes diagonally! I'm starting to get this one.

Qwweeeeen: Queen does whatever she wants. Do not touch my queen.

Keeng: hops one spot.

Wook: I want to move this piece out early in the game, but Mom will not let me. I wind up moving my Knight. At the end of the game, Mom helps me with Wook to make "ladder checkmate." I always win!! :)


  1. What a little smartie to show interest in such a challenging game at such a young age!! Love that you included her pronounciation of the pieces!

  2. Yep, she's a smartie AND she's cute. :)

  3. Of course she is, she takes after her Mommy!

  4. She knows more then I do when it comes to chess, when I was younger I had a "boyfriend" we were 11 so I use that term loosely.lol but his younger brother was teaching me, but when we "broke up" my teacher went away.. Go little Rose, before you know it you will be beating your big brothers!


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