08 September 2011

Another Whole School Year

Elf has made tremendous progress in the friendship area!! He has been having conversations with a classmate and would like to have him over to the house some weekend. This is great! Just get his phone number and maybe I can talk to his mom and we can work something out.

He brought home a phone number last night! Isn't that awesome?? Now, if we only knew this boy's NAME, I might be able to call and arrange a get-together...

I know. He was sooo excited to talk with someone AND get the phone number, too...

Elf is studying where all the continents and oceans are located in history class. They are also studying Ancient Greece. If I remember correctly this is about the time age-wise I got a phone call from Patrick's school because Patrick had a religious objection to looking at Greek art because of boobies. I settled it in the school's favour by telling Patrick to look but not loooooook. He can handle it.

Emperor is also blogging about school and Ancient Greece in his post titled, "Another Whole School Year." Yep, I snagged it as a title for MY post. Willya click on over there and leave him a comment? He would appreciate followers as well. Promise it won't be too much trouble because he doesn't post very frequently. Thanks. :)


  1. Great!
    Try 411.com for reverse phone number to name look up.

  2. Ahaaa! Now I have a last name to go with. Should I just call up and say that you don't know me, but I'm looking to find out if your son, whose name starts with J but I don't know what it is, wants to come over to my house and play with my kid??

    How to handle these things is beyond me.

  3. Woo-hoo ELF!!!! So very proud of him!!! This is a wonderful thing, he's putting himself out there and making friends!!

    Like the reverse 411 idea, and yes, I would call and say 'Hi, I'm not sure who to ask for, my son Elf brought home your son's number- we would very much like to arrange a day for the boys to hang out.'

  4. Oh, yeah, Blondee had a good suggestion on how to ask. ;D

    So cuuuute seeing our kids make friends, huh? Every time Chaz makes a good friend they move away. Oddly enough, last time he was in school he made a friend with this boy and it turns out he also has Aspergers! Well, they have been friends for 2 years now and now he might be moving out of town. :(

  5. Ben wondered what I was laughing at. He understands about looking, but not looooking, too, I guess. Thank God.

  6. Yay for Elf and friendship!
    I forgot that Emperor has a blog, I'll go on over and have a read.


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