23 December 2011

Today's Events!

The Keebler Elf makes sugar cookies!

Make and do battle with duct tape and cardboard weaponry!
Lazy Mom's gingerbread houses:  graham crackers, a tub of frosting and some sprinkles.


  1. Looks like lots of Christmas fun!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your Family Mrs. C!!

  3. Merry Christmas kiddo
    and hugs to all the kids

  4. That lazy gingerbread house looks like a great idea ...

  5. FedUpMom - we did those for years when I was a kid, then did them this year with the same group of friends (now parents) and their kids. They are a lot of fun, and as a kid, you can focus on the decoration without worrying about making the house perfect. One of our friends used to make a box then fill it with candy and cover it with a flat roof.

  6. What fun! How many cookies did Elf make? Looks like a lot of the dough got on his hands!


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